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The first May rainstorm

I really don’t know the history behind the tradition of getting wet in the first May rainstorm, or if it’s exclusively Cuban, but it is something that I have anticipated eagerly since I was a child.

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My neighbor, an elegant man of few words who takes each step as unhurriedly as a sunset, is a very persevering Cuban. Every weekend he gets up at the crack of dawn, bends down on brittle kneels in his colorful garden and, with more determination than skill, attempts to plant a type of light-colored, shaggy grama grass that just does not take, no matter how hard he tries. We have lived in the same area for five years, but I have greeted him only three times; he is a very introverted and serious man. He seems to be a good person, though.

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Victor Mesa the sanest of madmen

«People say that he’s crazy, but he is stepped walked in front of a bus. I would like to be a manager and have on my team nine madmen like Victor Mesa.»(Conrado Marrero, the Premier of Cuban baseball) When you talk about great figures of Cuban baseball there are many names that stand out, but without a doubt Victor Mesa Martínez deserves a prominent place, as one of the most explosive and talented players who have competed on the playing fields of Cuba and the world.

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Spinach crêpes

Spinach crêpes (10 servings) Flour: 200g Eggs: 3 Powdered milk: 120g Salt: 5g Bunch of Spinach: 1 Preparation Separate the leaves from the previously washed spinach. Add to the blender together with the raw eggs, milk, salt, pepper and flour. Blend until it becomes a homogeneous batter. Then in a crêpe pan extend the batter as thin as possible and cook on both sides. Remove the pan from the heat and let it cool.

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Treading Havana on public transport

When it comes to public transportation, you have various options to choose from if you want to move from one part of the city to another. To travel around Havana and enjoy the sights you can choose Cocotaxis, delightful, safe and fast replicas that mimic the shape of a coconut, which you ride while watching the surrounding scenery. You can also hop on a horse carriage and evoke the time before motorized vehicles when people regularly used this form of transport, or hail or call a taxi in CUC.

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Hemingway art and love in the Gulfstream

During the 1930s, Ernest Miller Hemingway, at the time living in Key West, used to visit Havana and, from its port, organize fishing trips for marlin and casteros, always abundant in the nearby Gulfstream. He generally travelled accompanied by friends, such as “Sloppy” Joe Russell, Charles Thompson, John Dos Passos, or Arnold Samuelson, and on some occasions, by his wife at the time, Pauline Pfeiffer.

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I am what you see

Photo: Gabriel Dávalos “Because a song can be a kiss, it can be a caress, also the sharp edge of a dagger. So that after the attempt there is no shortage of good faith.”* We always called ourselves Buena Fe (Good Faith) because I was a lawyer. I believe that names don’t make the group but the group makes the name…

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Gibara a city for the cinema

Photo: Amauris Betancourt From April 17 to 22 the tenth edition of the International Budget Film Festival will be held in Gibara, a cinematographic event initiated by Cuban filmmaker Humberto Solás in 2003. From its origins, this festival brings together films by directors from all over the world that were filmed with a low production budget.

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Gibara Always the White Village

Photo: Amauris Betancourt Gibara, the White Village (“Villa Blanca”) or Village of the Crabs, is a town full of magic and wisdom, where art and traditions come together with legends and history, distinguishing it as a city of singular evolution and beauty, positioned among the settlements founded in the former Eastern Department of de Cuba.

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