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An April of Images

Some may not know that Havana was one of the first cities in Latin America to enjoy the novelty of cinema. The miracle came via Gabriel Veyre in January 1897. That same year Veyre himself, a representative of the Lumiere brothers, produced in Havana the first motion picture filmed in a Cuban environment, the silent film “Mock-up of a Fire”.

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Despite being born into an extremely musical family and having learned to read music and play the majority of percussion instruments when I was little, I never wanted to be a musician or be associated with the world of entertainment.

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Untamed enigma

Illustrations: Fabián Muñoz While Dr. Mario Luján and Torralba was fulfilling his social service in the mountains of Holguín, he was confronted with a case of Priapism, in which the patient, a sexagenarian whose penis had been erect for over thirty hours, was brought to him on a stretcher. After observing the discolored thrombosis, he decided to amputate.

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Bucán is a dish that combines European and aboriginal cultures. Its main ingredients were introduced in Cuba by the Spanish colonists (pork and beef) but the cooking method respects the practices of the Cuban aboriginals. The name bucán refers to a structure made from sticks in the shape of a tripod or laid out in a grill, where the natives baked and smoked meats and fish. Bucán came to refer to the meats smoked in this manner and bucaneros to those who traded them. This meat first smoked and later baked became the primary dish of sailors and pirates.

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“I can’t be without a track”: Dayron Robles.

Photos: Ricardo López Hevia No one in his native Guantanamo would have guessed that the young boy born November 19, 1986, Dayron Robles, would to go on to become the Olympic champion and world-record holder in 110-meters hurdles. Considered by many as the best hurdles sprinter in the planet today, he is in possession of three of the ten best times in 110 meters ever recorded.

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Cuba is a mystery

Cuba is a mystery. What is its allure that makes it impossible to come in contact with her and remain indifferent? Our publication aims precisely to answer that question. These have been times of excitement, creativity, teamwork and hope. We have in mind a magazine that addresses Cuba from its most intimate perspective. The richness of Cuban culture, the events that commemorate the nation’s history, the natural environment, the economy, daily life; these will be the topics that we will speak to, focusing on the Cubans, those who made and make the difference.

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Currency exchange

In 2004 Cuba legislated that all establishments that until then had accepted payment in US dollars could only accept convertible Cuban pesos (CUC). The measure is still in effect, for the Cuban population as well as for foreign visitors. It is applicable in stores, hotels, restaurants, bars, cafeterias, taxis, car rental agencies, among others.

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Habanastation: a Remake for Cinema Buffs

Interview of Ian Padrón , director of the Cuban film Habanastation

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Biography of La Rampa

Photos: Denisse Guerra How many thousands of pedestrians – Cubans or otherwise – that daily walk up and down La Rampa know the history of this section of street that, for the last few decades, has been the Heart of Havana? It is the segment of 23rd Avenue that runs from Infanta Avenue to L Street, in Vedado. Or what is the same, the 500 yards that extend from the seat of the Ministry of Foreign Trade to the Habana Libre Hotel.

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