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Happy Together

An extraordinary event made the world’s headlines at the end of last year, when the leaders of Cuba and the United States made statements about the restoration of diplomatic relations between their countries. More than half a century of historic … Continued

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Liuyen “El Gallego” Álvarez Gallego (Havana, 1982). Earned his Chef’s certificate in 2012 from the Federation of Culinary Associations of Cuba. Has been involved in culinary matters for 14 years. His recipes have received various national awards, and his career … Continued

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Rosana Vargas, jewelry maker

I had met Rosana before, so I wasn’t embarrassed to ask her to wear a lot of rings for her portrait. We would chat while I took her photo. The order in which everything happened perhaps was not the correct … Continued

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Pepe’s Ashes

His knees hurt very much; they were like two old rusty hinges. He could hardly see. His tears became condensed and stuck to his pupils, forming a cloud that caused him to only see black and white, sometimes only black. … Continued

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No room. An Island in demand

The reestablishment of tourist relations between Cuba and the United States is going to take a while. Opening embassies depends on the governments, but a U.S. federal law forbids Barack Obama’s compatriots from crossing the southern part of the Florida … Continued

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Cuba sets its sights on golf

It was almost a century ago that golf first appeared in Cuba, between 1910 and 1920, thanks to amateur players from the United States who lived on the island. By 1959 close to 10 golf courses had been built, and … Continued

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Concert of The Dead Daisies in Maxim Rock, Havana, Cuba, February 25th, 2015 / Photo: Roberto Ruiz

Who said that classical rock is dead?

Nothing was described before Wednesday night. The temple of rock in Cuba, the Maxim Rock of Havana, was shaken by that indescribable music of the 1970s and 80s. “Rock and roll is dead?” somebody asked from the stage of The … Continued

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ETECSA makes temporary discounts for Internet access

In a promotion that lasts from February 10 to April 10, the Cuban Telecommunications Enterprise, ETECSA by its Spanish acronym, has temporarily reduced by 50% the prices of internet access for citizens in the public navigation rooms. The new promotion … Continued

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Apple looks to Cuba for the first time

In an understandable movement after the 17D, and the race to be first, the American company Apple issued a statement on its website in which reports a new license exception for authorizing the sale of some of its products and … Continued

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Photo: Ismael Almeida

Cloaca: Dutch theater a la Cremata in Havana

Juan Carlos Cremata Malberti is a man of cinema and theater. He is, above all things, a man of theater. Not only because he makes theater with El Ingenio, no. Cremata Malberti scene is everything, from clothing to tone of … Continued

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