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Roi Casalto to be presented an International Cubadisco award

When Roi Casal ended a concert in Buenos Aires, which he described as “tremendous”, his representative in Cuba announced him that he would not only perform in Havana but he would also be presented an International Cubadisco award, which is … Continued

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The Cuban Clan of Chicago

Chicago, the Windy City, Chicago, city of skyscrapers. Chicago, the city where the “famous” Al Capone built his own Mafia empire, back in the 20s in the last century. Chicago, city surrendered in April 2014 to the talent of Cuban … Continued

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Asbel Morales: Rum Master

This story could have begun in a tavern (with rum included); however, the conversation was “fueled” by coffee. I’ve known the rum that Asbel makes longer than I’ve known him. Ever since I heard him speak so passionately about the … Continued

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Liudmila Quincoses: the scribe

Liudmila Quincoses (Sancti Spíritus, 1975) is a poet. She holds a degree in Literature and Spanish. At the age of 19, she won the Santa Clara Foundation Award for her poetry collection, Un libro raro [A strange book]. Her poetry … Continued

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Reynerio Tamayo: I’m interested in sharing ideas

At a very young age, Reynerio Tamayo invented his own world: instead of going out to play, he preferred to stay home and imitate the cartoons that he copied from children’s magazines; perhaps that is why his work today is … Continued

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Sancti Spiritus, a City Remembered

Sitting in the doorway of his home, Abelardo Bernal can assume from the indiscreet sound of camera shutters and whispered English that his photo is being taken by tourists. He senses that his gangly, old-fashioned bearing, and the building where … Continued

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Learning how to be a dad

The first time that I saw my son smile, I broke into tears. He was 51 days old, and he was looking at me with his big curious eyes from the bassinet in the hospital where he had just undergone … Continued

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Cojimar and its Old Men

The Old Man died so many years ago that nobody remembers him anymore. All of the streets here are paved now; all of the buildings have been modernized, except for La Terraza, where the tourists go to sit at the … Continued

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Orestes Kindelan: I would have liked to play in the Major Leagues

In Santiago de Cuba, the use of motorcycles as taxis is a way of relieving the city’s deteriorated urban transport system. Hundreds of motorcycles roam these hilly streets at every hour of the day. A good number of them bear … Continued

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Juantorena relieved from the vice presidency of INDER

Alberto Juantorena has been relieved from his position as Vice president of the National Institute of Sports, Physical Education and Recreation (INDER by its acronym in Spanish). However, that’s not the shocking news, not even the end of the cycle … Continued

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