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The Fiesta del Fuego is back, this time to the beat

The Caribbean Festival, also known as the Fiesta del Fuego, is an international event that brings together the most diverse elements of popular culture and groups that preserve the traditions of a whole region, and it is held annually in … Continued

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Varadero: more than sand, sun and sea

Varadero is more than 22 kilometers of beaches with exceptional sand; colorful warm, clean waters; wonderful sunshine and the point in Cuba closest to the United States. It is also history, culture and memories of a fishing village and its … Continued

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El Floridita

With Hemingway at Floridita

As he leans on the dark, 118-year-old bar, the bronze Hemingway seems to looking sardonically at all of the pilgrims who enter Floridita bar and restaurant, drawn by the mysticism of the legendary “Papa.” They come from all over the … Continued

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Sloppy bar

On the corner of Zulueta and Ánimas streets, close to the Parque Central and the Paseo del Prado, Sloppy Joe’s became an obligatory stop for visitors.

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Sloppy Bar

Ubicado en la esquina de Zulueta y Ánimas, muy cerca del Parque Central y el Paseo del Prado, el Sloppy Joe's se convirtió, entonces, en obligatoria parada de los visitantes.

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Havana Special

This route was known as the Havana Special, and it also made it possible for Cuba to benefit from the new logistics, reasserting its status as a major supplier for the North American market.

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Morro Santiago de Cuba Foto: Alain L. Gutiérrez

Stone, between water and sky

The truth is that you can let your imagination run wild here; there are nooks and crannies in this fort that seem to be frozen in time. They probably looked the same more than 300 years ago...

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Torneo de Pesca

Hemingway fished here

Here in this same sea, under this same sun, Ernest Hemingway used to fish decades ago. Everybody knows that the wildly popular writer from the United States was also a man who enjoyed intense adventures. Fishing for different types of … Continued

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Cuervo y Sobrinos

Founded in Havana in 1882, the well-known company Cuervo y Sobrinos still lives in the historic district of Havana Vieja. Back in the day, it was very difficult to find anyone in Havana or in the rest of the country who was not familiar with the firm, due to the importance that this company attained after its founding. Its proprietors were the only importers on the island of the famous Roskoff y Longines line of watches, one of the best-known in the world.

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Manaca Iznaga: A dream-like batey

Standing in front of the landscape that he had just immortalized, French engraver Eduardo Laplante had the strange sensation that his art would outlive him. Along with Justo Germán Cantero of Trinidad, Laplante had embarked on a journey through western Cuba to depict the island’s sugar industry in his work, sketching a number of similar scenes: smoking chimneys, curing houses, vernacular mansions and sugar-cane carts as they disappeared into the bowels of the mills.

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