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The Albear Aqueduct: 120 years of a masterpiece

Ever since the Spanish first began to colonize Cuba, the problem of a water supply was one of the most pressing faced by the first settlers.

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Silverio’s El Mejunje

Photos: Carolina Vilches There is no corner of the island more bohemian than El Mejunje in Santa Clara. At El Mejunje, which means “concoction” in English, lovers of all types and creeds converge every day, seeking the ideal place — Silverio’s kingdom. I do not say “kingdom” in a pompous sense; as soon as you walk through the doors, you have the sensation of arriving in a different world.

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The natural treasures of the Quinta de los Molinos

Photos: Jorge García Alonso and archives Ensuring that green spaces are part of the historical district’s restoration project is one of the premises of the Havana City Historian’s Office, which has gone beyond its usual boundaries and returned splendor to many parts of the city. That is why the Quinta de los Molinos has been undergoing changes for several years now as part of that project, bringing renewal to this park and its very important historic, patrimonial and environmental features.

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Perfuming tradition

Photos: Jorge Laserna Passers-by on Mercaderes street in Havana are always surprised by an unusual establishment located at No. 156: it brings to mind the colonial-era workshops with dirt floors and large marble tables, where one could buy violet and rosewater. It is the Habana 1791 perfume shop, which offers a delightful array of handmade colognes.

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Angerona: a legend and three continents

Photos: Darío Leyva The sunny road to Cayajabos is like a permanent invitation for travelers to stop on by. A little over three miles from the city of Artemisa, another place with a mythological name is full of history, beauty and silence: Angerona.

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Secrets of Topes de Collantes

Photos: Author The ATV that we’d rented for the occasion rolled through the green mountains; we moved from mountain tops to the bottom of a river valley, and I later learned that those currents shape the nearby hollows, running through caves and narrow canyons. Our destination was Topes de Collantes. We were coming from the beautiful city of Trinidad and its Valle de los Ingenios, or “Valley of the Sugar Mills,” which was declared a World Heritage Site twenty-four years ago.

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Camajuaní: Land of Traditions and Parrandas

Photos: Arién Chang y Rodolfo Romero Visiting Camajuaní, especially during the season of Parrandas (traditional, carnival-like street parties), is an encounter with the most authentic part of Cuba, where traditions are preserved intact, and which tends not to be included in guide books.

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In Havana’s Chinatown

Photos: Darío Leyva y Abel Carmenate

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Gran Caverna de Santo Tomás. Cuba’s Princess

Photos: Raudel del Llano Entering the Gran Caverna de Santo Tomás, Cuba’s largest cave system, is a unique, unforgettable experience. With 46 km of galleries, it features all of the elements that are part of Cuba’s natural scenery, as well as special highlights of its natural and social history.

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Gibara a city for the cinema

Photo: Amauris Betancourt From April 17 to 22 the tenth edition of the International Budget Film Festival will be held in Gibara, a cinematographic event initiated by Cuban filmmaker Humberto Solás in 2003. From its origins, this festival brings together films by directors from all over the world that were filmed with a low production budget.

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