Archivo de Silhouettes

Archivo Silhouettes

Obbatalá’s son always tells the truth

His work “almost always” has hidden symbols but he prefers for “people to discover them,” because one of Manuel Mendive’s goals is to communicate with the public and for people to understand what he is saying, in an exchange that … Continued

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Interview with Fernando Rojas Vice Minister of Culture

The two-hour conversation between Vice Minister of Culture Fernando Rojas and a group from OnCuba group flowed naturally and courteously. We were interested in examining the principal lines of work of the Ministry of Culture in contributing to the updating … Continued

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Exvotos and future offerings from Ibrahim

In July and August of this year, the El Reino de Este Mundo art gallery at Havana’s José Martí National Library will host a monographic—but not retrospective—exhibition by Cuban painter and engraver Ibrahim Miranda (Pinar del Río, 1969). His show, … Continued

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My discovery of Arsenio Rodríguez

As a child, I would hear the elderly members of my family talk about him. Years later, when I made my first music documentary, Jazz de Cuba, I included him consciously in my imagination after I heard a delicious anecdote … Continued

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Champions and businesspeople

They climbed to the top of the Olympus of sports, but now their feet are firmly on the ground: Mireya Luis, Raúl Diago and Javier Sotomayor have jumped into the world of business in Havana as restaurant owners, employing all … Continued

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Foto: Iroko Alejo

Isaac Delgado: Cuba is an inspiration

In recent months, Isaac Delgado has returned to Cuba several times. At first it seemed like nobody wanted to know about it, or as if Isaac himself had decided to go unnoticed. During his first public performance, at a concert … Continued

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Somewhere between quiet commotion and iron poetry

Johny works on his tableaus in series, but each piece has a particular meaning that he achieves not just through its composition, but also through a personal experience, either real or imagined.

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Luis E. Camejo

From havana to miami cool, or vice versa

While his visual code is realist, his artwork is marked by abstraction, with the evident influence of Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko, both of them representatives of so-called abstract expressionism, but “all of this is seen through a filter.”

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Blanca Rosa Blanco

Blanca Rosa Blanco: Being Cuban means not giving up on being authentic

She can’t walk down the block without being stopped at least 10 times… Meanwhile, there is no taxi or “almendrón” (classic American car driven as a cab) driver who would not happily take her right to her doorstep, something that … Continued

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Tomás Sánchez

Tomas Sanchez: I’venever left Cuba

“Cuba is something from which I’ve never been able to disengage. Because of certain circumstances –I was given no other choice– I went to Mexico in 1993 and then to Miami, but just two years after leaving, I returned to … Continued

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