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Victor Mesa the sanest of madmen

«People say that he’s crazy, but he is stepped walked in front of a bus. I would like to be a manager and have on my team nine madmen like Victor Mesa.»(Conrado Marrero, the Premier of Cuban baseball) When you talk about great figures of Cuban baseball there are many names that stand out, but without a doubt Victor Mesa Martínez deserves a prominent place, as one of the most explosive and talented players who have competed on the playing fields of Cuba and the world.

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I am what you see

Photo: Gabriel Dávalos “Because a song can be a kiss, it can be a caress, also the sharp edge of a dagger. So that after the attempt there is no shortage of good faith.”* We always called ourselves Buena Fe (Good Faith) because I was a lawyer. I believe that names don’t make the group but the group makes the name…

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“I can’t be without a track”: Dayron Robles.

Photos: Ricardo López Hevia No one in his native Guantanamo would have guessed that the young boy born November 19, 1986, Dayron Robles, would to go on to become the Olympic champion and world-record holder in 110-meters hurdles. Considered by many as the best hurdles sprinter in the planet today, he is in possession of three of the ten best times in 110 meters ever recorded.

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Habanastation: a Remake for Cinema Buffs

Interview of Ian Padrón , director of the Cuban film Habanastation

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