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Luz in the window

When we Cubans say La Bayamesa, we immediately associate it with something very beloved, a powerful symbol of national identity. It evokes different works and moments under the same name. It is the music of the first national anthem composed … Continued

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A woman to be discovered

Did she really exist? Or is she just a fictional character, as many believe? How much of her memoir is really true and how much is legend? Some 160 years after the end of the U.S. Civil War (1861-65), the … Continued

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Reinaldo’s angst

Terror of the dentist is like an epidemic, one that infects most men. When facing the dentist’s chair, even heroes lose their badge of courage. Legs shake, jaws chatter. Any brave soul with more medals than Marshal Zhukov will try … Continued

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Liberals of Perico! Run!

This story has two different versions, but both feature the same scenario, are set in the same era, and have the same main character. The title of this article is an expression that was inscribed in the collective imagination, and … Continued

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Futbol Cuba

The dinosaur and the sofa

The editor, on the other end of the telephone: “Why do I get the impression that soccer is taking over baseball?” She has a nice voice. Soft. One of those voices that flow like water.

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Gemelos peleando

Chronicle of an unexpected fight

We shook hands and walked up the hill. There, our “seconds” were silhouetted against the dark curtain of night. After we reached them, each group went its own way. I didn’t say a word to my friend Alberto...

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Freddy firmando contrato con Discos Puchito

Freddy, the woman who cried boleros

I didn’t have to ask around much, they knew right away who she was. It’s really a shame, but very few like her remain. That is why I came to this bar. The writers were right. Places that operate at … Continued

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Enrique or…Enriqueta?

It is January of 1819. In the port of Santiago de Cuba, the sailing ship La Helvetia docks. A slim, white youth, about 4’10” tall, with rosy cheeks, blue eyes, small forehead and mouth, bulbous nose and blond hair, disembarks and steps onto Cuban land. Nobody is waiting for him. His documents say that his name is Enrique Faber, he is 28 years old and he is Swiss.

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Rarely have so many interesting and dissimilar events and circumstances come together in the history of a ship as they do in the case of the emblematic Canadian schooner, the Bluenose. Designed and built as a fishing boat, the winner of international regattas, subsequently converted into a cargo ship, detained at sea by a German submarine during World War II, shot at by the U.S.

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