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A house and its ghosts

Photos: Amauris Betancourt The purpose was to find out whether or not there were ghosts in the house. People used to say it was haunted, even if they’d never seen it and lived miles away. One person heard about it from another, who heard about it from another, in one of those conversations that turns to apparitions and far-fetched legends. But that’s how legends are passed on, from mouth to mouth. And they go far. “What makes you think this house is haunted,” I asked.

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The Creature from the San Miguel Lagoon

Illustration: Fabián Muñoz The now-distant year of 1971 was coming to an end in this city of San Cristóbal de La Habana when a strange event happened: a horrible monster appeared in a lagoon in the outlying municipality of San Miguel de Padrón.

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Hemingway art and love in the Gulfstream

During the 1930s, Ernest Miller Hemingway, at the time living in Key West, used to visit Havana and, from its port, organize fishing trips for marlin and casteros, always abundant in the nearby Gulfstream. He generally travelled accompanied by friends, such as “Sloppy” Joe Russell, Charles Thompson, John Dos Passos, or Arnold Samuelson, and on some occasions, by his wife at the time, Pauline Pfeiffer.

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Untamed enigma

Illustrations: Fabián Muñoz While Dr. Mario Luján and Torralba was fulfilling his social service in the mountains of Holguín, he was confronted with a case of Priapism, in which the patient, a sexagenarian whose penis had been erect for over thirty hours, was brought to him on a stretcher. After observing the discolored thrombosis, he decided to amputate.

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