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Photo by Wanda Canals

Cuba In Depth

A great deal of the wealth that historically has sustained the Cuban economy, especially agriculture (amassed with sugar, coffee, mines) is contributed by the so-called orientales (people from Cuba’s eastern region), who live at the very foot of the Sierra … Continued

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Photo: Otmaro Rodríguez Díaz

And the end of 2017 is here!

    December lets you know that a year is coming to an end and another is beginning. With the last days of the last month come Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve, festivities that the family and … Continued

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Photo: Otmaro Rodríguez.


Men riding horses and chasing bulls through the sand. Steer wrestling. Calf roping. Bull riding. Barrel racing. There are many types of competition in this extreme sport that influenced the cattle breeders of the North American West, very present today … Continued

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Photo: Abel Basquiat.

Havana Capitol

The Capitol of Havana is a symbol of the city in the midst of decay and restorations. Those who go around their surroundings always look for it as a point of reference. Located in the center of the Cuban capital … Continued

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La Habana, after Irma hurricane. Photo by Claudio Pelaez Sordo

Contradictory faces of a hurricane

A hurricane has many faces. Pain, strength, needs, responsibility and even indifference are mixed in the people’s expressions, especially after Irma’s danger is far away and people look at things from the perspective of the survivors. About the work being … Continued

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Cayo Carenas. Photo: Potter.

Carenas, no return from oblivion

About thirty people live alone in the middle of the Cienfuegos Bay. Cayo Carenas can only be reached by sea, in boats or speedboats. In that flat land of about 20 hectares there were about forty houses before. Today, perhaps … Continued

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Colón Cemetery. Photo: Luis Gabriel.

Life in the cemetery

Rumor has it that Colón’s tallest and most beautiful tomb has not been seen; that Calixto de Loira, the designer of the cemetery, had placed his niche above the main entrance and underneath the sculpture of the Three Theological Graces, … Continued

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Photo: Gian Carlo Marzall.

At rest

No wheels at all, in plain view, leaning on any structure while money or spare parts arrive. But the wait takes months; years and they remain staying in the same street, condemned to abandonment. They are modern and old cars … Continued

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D'Morón Teatro. Photo: Potter.

Clay people

The actors of the street group D’Morón Teatro are clay people. They take their makeup and everything they will use on stage from clay. They are living statues trying to personify stories from universal literature. Their poor performance in traditional … Continued

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