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Liz, a girl who fights against cancer

It is been three years doctors found on Liz’s brain a glioma type 3. They told her parents she was expected to live only six more months. But Liz and her family have fought against cancer since then.Her joy, the medical treatment she has followed ever since and a natural herbal remedy his grandfather obtains in … Continued

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Tomás Sánchez

Tomás Sánchez “Culture is the soul of a country”

Renowned Cuban painter and engraver Tomas Sanchez, who resides now in Costa Rica, dreams of having a personal exhibition in Cuba soon

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Leo Brouwer

Leo Brower: It is the work what gives the light

Maestro Leo Brower talks about his motivations to compose and the influence of Cuban culture on his work

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Reinaldo Miravalles

Reinaldo Miravalles

"I left in 1994 for family affairs, and 15 years passed without me coming back, because I could not. When I was allowed I came, because I'm a parent, and my country is this. To be clear, I can live in any country, but my country is this, is Cuba"

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Jose Marti: photos

Essay on the parable of the sower

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El Hombre araña en la Habana

Spiderman in Havana

The French Spider-Man, as Alain Robert is known, after climbing the facades of the most imposing bui

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An encounter with Mirtha Ibarra

20 years after the film Strawberry and Chocolate

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