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Photo: Osbel Concepción.

The night in New Orleans

New Orleans may be a different city at night. During the day, the Cathedral of Saint Louis, The Cabildo, Café Du Monde, and at night, a few blocks down, neon lights, colorful billboards and nightclubs contrast with the old. In … Continued

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"Latido" by Lizt Alfonso Dance Cuba. Photo: Ismario Rodríguez.


Latido (Heartbeat) -the new show that begins it performance for the first time on May, at the Great Theater of Havana Alicia Alonso, by the Lizt Alfonso Dance Cuba Company- speaks about the contrast between death and life and the … Continued

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Photo: Gian Carlo Marzall.


Grocery stores and butchers everywhere to buy the daily bread and the monthly “chicken for fish”, which clarifies the dependent, “nothing is dispatched without the ration book.” Weights, cats, posters and a few products, above all. A dusty fan, an … Continued

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Photo: Ismario Rodríguez.

Creative islands

Cuba and the United Kingdom present for the second time as Islas Creativas (Creative Islands), a project of the Cuban Contemporary Dance Company (DCC) and the British Council. With the advice of Fleur Darkin, considered the most theatrical choreographer of … Continued

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Photo: Miguel Ángel Romero.

Buffalos in Cuba

Buffalos arrived in Cuba more than twenty years ago. Two fundamental species graze in the pastures of the island: those of river and those of marsh, although today the first are the ones who prevail. Good meat and plenty of … Continued

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Photo: José Roberto Loo.

Santiago from El Morro

The view from El Morro de Santiago is blue. The blue dominates everything, floods the landscape: the sea –with its different shades that change as one enters or leaves the bay– and the sky, mottled with white clouds. Sometimes it … Continued

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Photo: Yaniel Tolentino.

Tobacco men

From the age of 8, Felix works in tobacco. He is already 60. The time in his eyes and the sun on his skin show how life is like in the plantations. They are men of tobacco in Pinar del … Continued

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Photo: Otmaro Rodríguez.

Orchid Festival

There are orchids of all shapes and colors. In fact, there are more than 25 thousand different species and another 60 thousand hybrids. Even in this kingdom is the most expensive plant in the world: the Gold of Kinabalu orchid, an endangered flower … Continued

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Photo: Danier Ernesto González.

Fishing in Gibara

On sunny and windless days, the people of Gibara go fishing. Men with sun-tanned skin enter the sea with nets or harpoons, looking for fish of all kinds. The White Village of the Crabs, in the north of the Holguín … Continued

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Photo: Yoe Suárez.

Hershey: broken album from another time

Today, Hershey is the ruin of what it was: the molasses jewel of the chocolate empire, a town founded by a gringo tycoon who gave him his last name and a station of the most punctual and the only electric … Continued

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