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Photo: Steven Andrew García

Cuba through a lens

Last summer, I was lucky to be selected to visit Cuba with CubaOne Foundation. As an American with family from Havana, I had always been anxious to visit Cuba, and in 2016 I finally had an opportunity to experience modern … Continued

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Photo: IHOS Plasencia.

Graffiti artist

Yulier P. has been flooding the streets of Vedado, La Habana Vieja (Old Havana), Playa and Centro Habana for three years with his unique graffiti, where he finds most of his work. They are strange, sad and frightened beings who … Continued

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Photo: Yaniel Tolentino.

Regla 330th

Regla, with its sea, its people and its spirituality, celebrates  its 330 years this month. This overseas village, whose native name “Guaicanamar” means “facing the sea”, was founded on March 3, 1687. Its history began with the donation of a piece … Continued

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Photo: Otmaro Rodríguez.

Cuban Harley riders

An open air show of modern and old Harley-Davidson took place last February in Varadero, in the context of the 6th meeting of Cuban Harley riders, sponsored by the Latin American Motorcycle Association (LAMA). The owners of other brands such … Continued

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Photo: Otmaro Rodríguez.

Homeless cats

In Cuba, there are plenty of cats in the streets and squares, besides dogs. Some of them are sick and they are often mistreated, especially if they are black, due to the old myth of bad luck. Workshiped to devotion … Continued

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Photo: Osbel Concepción.


It is a city and its alleys. There are people who pass by and meet to each other. The beauty of ruined buildings and the sadness of those same buildings in rubble. Bicycle-taxis, American cars and citadels. Doors and walls. … Continued

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Photo: Miguel Ángel Romero.

The secret of the tinajones

An urban legend tells that the secret of manufacturing the tinajones (a large wide-mouthed jars for catching rain), those that gave their name to Camagüey city, disappeared more than thirty years ago. A state-owned factory and some artisans are able … Continued

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Photo: Alfredo Sarabia Fajardo.


“You do not have to use tricks to take photographs. You do not have to pose anyone in front of the camera. The photos are there, waiting for you to take them. Truth is the best photography, the best propaganda”, … Continued

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Photo: Kaloian.

American cars in Havana

Thousands of American cars from the 50s and 60s run daily through Havana, with a public transportation license for Cubans or as a tour service in CUC for foreigners. Most of them have grafts from other cars, especially oil engines … Continued

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"Reversible" by Cuban Contemporary Dance. Photo: Ismario Rodríguez.

Reversible dance

Before its 10 cities tour in the United Kingdom, starting this February 14, the Cuban Contemporary Dance Company offered, during four nights at the beginning of this month, a farewell program in the García Lorca Hall of the Great Theater … Continued

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