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Photo: Ronald Suarez Rivas

The Cuban laboratory where mini cows are bred

Raul Hernandez is a farmer who for 16 years has been experimenting to create a breed of dairy cattle no taller than 60 cm. Miniature cows – or garden cows, as he calls them – are so small that you … Continued

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Zachrysia is a hermaphrodite and can self-reproduce. Photos: Ronald Suarez Rivas

Pinar del Rio’s New Exotic Dish

Till recently, it was yet another of the many endemic species of the Sierra de los Organos, in the countryside of Pinar del Rio, but soon Zachrysia guanensis could become one of the most exclusive dishes of Cuban cuisine. That, … Continued

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A Shark’s Journey from Havana to New Jersey

On Cuba’s northern shore, Cojimar appears peaceful, cooled by the refreshing winds of an especially cold February. Known as the place where an enormous white shark was caught in 1945, the fishing town that inspired Hemingway’s The Old Man and … Continued

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Toxic Algae in the Bay of Cienfuegos, Cuba

A rare dermatitis caused by contact with microorganisms found in the sea has prompted fears in Cuba’s habitually quiet city of Cienfuegos. Several people – mostly children – have arrived in hospitals with rashes and skin lesions over the past … Continued

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Santa Cruz Canyon, Pinar del Río, Cuba. Photo: Amilcar Pérez Riverol

There where the city ends

There where the city ends, Cuba starts again. Every once in a while, when I’ve had enough of its noises, its streets and its tiring routine, I get away and heal myself with a trip to the bush. “El Canon” … Continued

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Photo by Chris Chabot/Flickr

Cuba is to the U.S. as the U.S. is to Korea in Terms of Internet Access

A visiting professor at Harvard Law School used this and other examples related to Cuba’s current access to the Internet to illustrate the need to provide New Yorkers with better Internet connection. In a piece she wrote for Medium Co.’s … Continued

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Photo by Dario Leyva

Cuban anti-cholera vaccine

Dr. Rafael Fando, of Cuba’s National Center for Scientific Research, (Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas, CNIC) is the leading researcher for the anti-cholera vaccine. He began working on the vaccine since he was a student and continued after graduating. The … Continued

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The 2015 Hurricane Season May Be Slow

The hurricane season for the Atlantic basin may be slow in 2015, an expert from the Cuban Institute of Meteorology (INSMET) told the press today in Havana. During this year’s season, that will begin on June 1st and end in … Continued

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Photos by Ronald Suarez Rivas

Red Crabs at Risk During Annual Migration

Around this time every year, the Guanahacabibes Highway in Cuba’s westernmost Pinar del Rio, transforms into a smelly, slippery red platform as the remains of red crabs crushed by the wheels of cars and trucks start to accumulate. Hundreds of … Continued

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Photo by Claudio Pelaez Sordo

Cuba: An Overweight Country

Nearly half of Cuba’s population carries more than a few extra pounds. The most recent study reports that 43% of the population is overweight or obese as a result of sedentary lifestyles, high intake of fat-rich foods, sugar and salt … Continued

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