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U.S. Neuroscientists Want to Connect with Cuban Colleagues

American neuroscientists urged government officials to make room for scientific cooperation in the new framework of relations that is being shaped between Cuba and the United States. “There is more to this new openness than simply enabling American owned businesses … Continued

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Photo: Carlos Ernesto Escalona Martí


There are those who refer to it as a sierra, but a sierra is a small mountain range. Actually, the Escambray is a mountainous mass, and its indigenous name is Guamuahaya. Located in the center of the island, it soars … Continued

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GM crops in Cuba: glance at the controversy

What happens if you search the Internet news about GM foods? I can tell you will find the most diverse headlines: “GM foods: genocide of our time”, “Is it the solution to world hunger or a profitable risk?”, “Transgenic Food … Continued

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The CRF19 strain of HIV was not so new

On February 19 we published a story that marked the Cuba trending topic on the Net. It had come to light the existence of a more aggressive strain of human immunodeficiency virus, characterized by triggering AIDS more quickly. The informational … Continued

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Taueno, a website that promises

A website came out into cyberspace on February 5, 2015, with the aim of becoming “the best and most complete ads site of Cuba”. Taueno joins the list of sites for buying and selling in a disconnected country and with … Continued

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Building a “physical” bridge between Cuba and the US

Science is one of the possible links between the peoples of Cuba and the United States and protagonist of reconciliatory statements from both sides. OnCuba reproduces below an article from Juventud Tecnica specialized magazine that proves it. By: Barbara Maseda … Continued

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Top view of Cuba's only nuclear reactor, located in the INSTEC / Photo: Marita Pérez Díaz

Nuclear power in Cuba, uses and misuses (II)

The Nuclear Central that was not Perhaps the most legendary memory Cubans have on uses of nuclear energy was one that did not materialize. In 1976, Cuba and the Soviet Union signed an agreement to build two VVER-400 V316 nuclear … Continued

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Warning sign in the only Cuban nuclear reactor, located in the INSTEC / Photo: Marita Pérez Díaz

Nuclear power in Cuba, uses and misuses (I)

The nuclear or atomic energy is commonly related to its darker applications such as armaments with potential for mass destruction or major disasters that have been linked to the operation of a nuclear power plant: Chernobyl in 1986 or Fukushima … Continued

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One million Cuban formulas rescued by Americans

A multidisciplinary team from the Institute of Tropical Research and Ecological Exchange, from the Florida Keys, concluded in February the final phase of digitization of the bibliographic fund of the Ernesto Triolet Pharmaceutical Museum of Matanzas. “They have digitized more … Continued

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Charms of the still water

Even a reservoir as the Great Northern Wetland of Ciego de Ávila is not immune to drought in this province and the rest of the country. These photos, however, were taken months ago when still water, but still water seemed … Continued

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