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A gravity-defying house is b uilt in Las Tunas

 Before the curious eyes of the inhabitants of this city, a new construction called: the unusual house begins to take shape, where visitors could see extravagant phenomena that defy the laws of gravity. The strange way in which the building … Continued

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Cuban genes

¨Progreso Semanal¨ recently published an interview with Dr. Beatriz Marcheco Teruel, a specialist in Clinical Genetics of the National Center of Medical Genetics following her research: Genetic identity of Cuban population, which offers details of who Cubans are in biological … Continued

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The world’s largest shrimp arrived in Cuba

The presence of a new species of shrimp in the Cuban insular shelf triggers expectations of scientists, fishermen and … cooks. This is the giant tiger shrimp (Penaeus monodon or) of which several specimens have been captured in the Bay … Continued

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New markets for Heberprot-P

New pharmaceutical markets in America and Europe are open to the drug Heberprot-P, Cuban patent used in the treatment of diabetic foot ulcers, as announced during the XXIV International Congress of Orthopedics and Traumatology trade fair, held at the Frank … Continued

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Cuban opens mineral water bottling plant that could supply the insular Caribbean

Cuba just inaugurated the third mineral water bottling plant in the country and the only one in its eastern region. Its name is Sierra Canasta and has been built in San Andrés town in the province of Guantanamo. The plant, … Continued

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Ornithological cooperatives take flight

Canaries, parakeets, pigeons and rosacolis are several species of ornamental birds bred in captivity in Cuba that from October the first will be marketed by cooperatives. The news of the formation of two companies for that purpose in the provinces … Continued

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LABIOFAM to present results on cancer research

From Wednesday September 18 through 20 LABIOFAM Business Group specialists will hold an international symposium at the Hotel Nacional in Havana to show the results achieved in the implementation of antitumor recombinant peptides. Undoubtedly, it will be a step forward … Continued

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Changes cancer in Cuba

Cancer in Cuba has generated much talk this year: in the last quarter it was announced the registration of Racotumomab (Vaxira), second vaccine against lung cancer, the result of the work of the Centre Molecular Immunology (CIM); it was announced … Continued

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