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Clay pitchers and other articles from the Spanish San José galleon, which was sunk 300 years ago along the coast of Colombia. Photo: Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution via AP.

Data on sunken Spanish galleon revealed

A Spanish galleon full of gold that sank in the Caribbean along the Colombian coast more than 300 years ago was found three years ago with the help of an autonomous underwater vehicle operated by the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution … Continued

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Professor Carlos Parra carefully writes the dedicatory signs on the floral wreaths that accompany the urns of those who died in the plane crash that last Friday plunged into mourning the Cuban province of Holguín, which lost 67 of its sons and daughters in the disaster. Photo: Alejandro Ernesto / EFE.

“From the people of Cuba” to the victims of flight 972

With a shrunken heart but a steady hand, the tireless self-taught calligrapher Carlos Parra carefully writes the dedicatory signs on the floral wreaths that accompany the urns of those who died in the plane crash that last Friday plunged into … Continued

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Luis Posada Carriles’ whole life was a constant attempt to assassinate Fidel Castro. Photo: AP.

Luis Posada Carriles dies

Luis Posada Carriles, charged with multiple acts of terrorism, one of the fiercest enemies of the Cuban government and an ex CIA agent, died today in Florida, the United States, at the age of 90 due a long illness, the … Continued

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Carlos Alzugaray, co-chair of LASA’s Cuba Section, talks about Cubans’ participation in the next Congress in Barcelona. Photo: Milena Recio.

Alzugaray: “LASA is a showcase for Cuban social sciences”

We met at a café close to the Puerta del Sol where around these days it’s easy to recognize the Cubans who have come to Madrid, in passing, before getting to Barcelona. It is special to meet here and not … Continued

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Grettel Landrove, 23, was one of the disaster’s three survivors. She passed away yesterday Monday at 3:45 pm in Havana’s Calixto García Hospital.

Plane crash survivor Grettel Landrove dies

The young Grettel Landrove, one of the survivors of last Friday’s plane crash in Havana, passed away yesterday due to the serious wounds suffered in the disaster, increasing the total number of victims to 111, a source from the hospital … Continued

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Cuba in mourning

After a terrible plane accident, minutes after taking off from Havana’s José Martí International Airport, Cuba is living an official mourning because of the tragedy. Ongoing investigations Engineer Rolando Parera, general director of José Martí International Airport, told the National … Continued

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Photo by Kaloian

The public, the private and wellbeing

The following story I’m going to tell was given to me by a good friend, who is already retired and who in the 1960s participated in that huge sociopolitical earthquake. It’s a story buried in his memories, about supposedly coming … Continued

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Foto: Infobae.

Boeing 737 crashes in Havana

A Boeing 737 of the Mexican airline Damojh crashes at 12:08 pm today after leaving José Martí International Airport in Havana. Flight DMJ 0972 traveled with 104 passengers on board plus the crew. According to the first reports from international … Continued

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Photo by Christopher P. Baker

Five quintessential Cuban experiences that most visitors miss (but shouldn’t)

Havana’s unique frozen-in-time stage-set backdrop lends a twilight-zone ambience that Hollywood couldn’t dream up if it tried. But for the visitor, Cuba’s real magic isn’t its one-of-a-kind revolutionary icons, its crumbling architecture, its quaint vintage cars. It’s the seemingly mundane, … Continued

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Photo: Archive

Gastronomy in Cuba, Notes for a Story

There is a notable growing interest in the world about subjects related to the gastronomy of each people, a very important part of their culture. Cuban food also tells its story. In his travel log, Samuel Hazard referred to Cuban … Continued

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