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Photo by Claudio Pelaez Sordo

Governance in Cuba and the new president (II and end)

In the first part of this text I presented a brief outlook of the history of Cuban governance in the Constitutions of 1901 and 1940, and also a short outline of the discussion between the parliamentary and the presidential systems. … Continued

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Photo by Claudio Pelaez Sordo

Governance in Cuba and the new president (I)

Next April 19, if what was announced by President Raúl Castro is confirmed – to not continue holding the topmost post on the island -, Cuba will have a new head of State. This will give rise to several analyses … Continued

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Photo: Jorge Luis Borges

Vintage Cars in Cuba: Race against Time

  It is said that between 60,000 and 75.000 more than 50 year-old cars circulate in Cuba, although the figure is not official. Armando’s 1956 Plymouth; Alberto’s 1957 Windsor Chrysler; and Ricardo’s lowest and refined Austin-Healey surely form part of … Continued

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Several U.S. Army Marines guard the entrance of the U.S. Embassy in Cuba during the visit by congressmen to Havana in February 2018. Photo: Alejandro Ernesto / EFE.

U.S. to maintain embassy in Cuba with minimum personnel

  The United States will maintain its embassy in Cuba with the minimum of personnel starting Sunday after the expiry of the departure status since on September 29 last year due to the alleged attacks suffered by 24 of its … Continued

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Money laundering consists in giving an appearance of legal origin to goods that are actually products or profits from crimes.

U.S.-Cuba hold talks on money laundering

The United States and Cuba continued the round of technical meetings of recent weeks with one on their collaboration in the prevention and struggle against money laundering. The meeting, held in Washington, is the second between the authorities of both … Continued

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The Lucía Íñiguez Hospital in Holguín has suffered thefts and lack of discipline, according to the daily Granma. Photo: Radio Angulo.

Thefts in Cuban hospital

Despite the investments made by the State, the state of hospitals in Cuba suffer due to the “negligence” and “lack of discipline” which is reflected in the “depredation” of materials and frequent hygiene problems due to the obstruction of pipes … Continued

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Philip Goldberg. Foto: Bullit Marquez / AP.

The new U.S. chargé d’affaires in Cuba

  The United States appointed Philip Goldberg as chargé d’affaires to Cuba. When he was ambassador to Bolivia, the diplomat was expelled in 2008 by President Evo Morales accused of conspiring against the government. A spokeswoman from the Department of … Continued

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Cubans Michael Amor, his wife Ingrid and their daughter Samira pose for a picture in front of a refugee center in Sot, Serbia. Photo: Darko Vojinovic / AP.

Cubans stranded in Serbia

Far from the Caribbean beaches and warm breeze, a Cuban family cuddles up in a small room of a cold refugee center in Serbia while they try to elucidate their next step. They form part of an unusual affluence of … Continued

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Access to Internet in a public WiFi zone in Cuba. Photo: Kaloian.

First meeting of Cuba Internet task force

  The U.S. government’s Cuba Internet task force will study for a year how to expand access to the web on the island so that Cubans can have “free and unregulated flow of information,” despite the Cuban authorities’ rejection of … Continued

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Tourists in Havana. Photo: Otmaro Rodríguez.

Sonic attacks or collective hysteria?

  While some media and politicians like Cuban-American Senator Marco Rubio insist on the theory of the “attacks,” the Department of State and the FBI recognize they still don’t know what happened or who could have been behind the incidents. … Continued

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