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Cuba in mourning

After a terrible plane accident, minutes after taking off from Havana’s José Martí International Airport, Cuba is living an official mourning because of the tragedy. Ongoing investigations Engineer Rolando Parera, general director of José Martí International Airport, told the National … Continued

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Photo by Kaloian

The public, the private and wellbeing

The following story I’m going to tell was given to me by a good friend, who is already retired and who in the 1960s participated in that huge sociopolitical earthquake. It’s a story buried in his memories, about supposedly coming … Continued

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Foto: Infobae.

Boeing 737 crashes in Havana

A Boeing 737 of the Mexican airline Damojh crashes at 12:08 pm today after leaving José Martí International Airport in Havana. Flight DMJ 0972 traveled with 104 passengers on board plus the crew. According to the first reports from international … Continued

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Photo by Christopher P. Baker

Five quintessential Cuban experiences that most visitors miss (but shouldn’t)

Havana’s unique frozen-in-time stage-set backdrop lends a twilight-zone ambience that Hollywood couldn’t dream up if it tried. But for the visitor, Cuba’s real magic isn’t its one-of-a-kind revolutionary icons, its crumbling architecture, its quaint vintage cars. It’s the seemingly mundane, … Continued

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Gastronomy in Cuba, Notes for a Story

There is a notable growing interest in the world about subjects related to the gastronomy of each people, a very important part of their culture. Cuban food also tells its story. In his travel log, Samuel Hazard referred to Cuban … Continued

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Gattorno embracing his daughter Valeria. Photo: El Nuevo Herald.

Cuban father awarded custody of daughter born in Miami

  The case of Valeria finally was decided in favor of Yoelvis Gattorno, her father, who won the battle for the custody of the newborn in Miami, whose mother was Cuban and died in childbirth. A paternity test confirmed Yoelvis … Continued

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Illustration by Guillo Moreno

Memories of My Tentempiés: Fortunes and Misfortunes of Contingency Food

During diverse historic periods, contingency food has been a constant in Cuba: providing food for the slaves, the Mambí independence fighters, the farmers, workers, rebel troops, marginal barrios; the search for a solution in extreme circumstances, difficult or restricted like … Continued

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Heading Back to Cuba for the Third Time, But it Felt Like the First

Anyone who has ever visited Cuba knows that each trip begins the minute the plane touches ground. Clapping and cheers are heard throughout the plane. Passengers anxiously awaiting to reunite with family members and travelers excited to experience Cuba firsthand. … Continued

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U.S. Coast Guard, Key West, Florida. Photo: Melissa Block / NPR.

U.S. repatriates 28 Cuban immigrants

  The Coast Guard repatriated yesterday 28 Cuban immigrants who were trying to illegally reach the country by sea and were intercepted in two different operations in waters off the Straits of Florida, the authorities reported. Last Saturday 19 Cuban … Continued

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Photo by Ari Soto

Cuban Food Stories: A Movie Trip

  A Cuban friend who lives in Paris, where she has learned among many other things the arts of good cooking, commented to me that in Cuba, however, we eat more to energize the body than to please the spirit. … Continued

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