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Cuba waits for answers and changes

This week a new political cycle has started in Cuba marked by the arrival of the presidential change and the retirement of Raúl Castro as Head of State. In the United States some opine that it will be a mere … Continued

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Presidential Succession in Cuba: now is the moment for constitutional reform

After a much awaited period of expectations and predictions, Miguel Díaz-Canel has received the presidential nomination. Unlike in the United States Electoral College system or the European parliamentary democracies, the Cuban electoral process is narrowly constrained by a National Assembly … Continued

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A wall in Havana. Photo: Ramón Espinosa / AP.

Three questions about the new presidency in Cuba

It is difficult to foresee the sign of upcoming times for Cuba. The majority of the stories circulating about the recent “change of power” on the island do not see a factor of radical change in the brand-new government, with … Continued

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Díaz Canel: 15 quotes from his first speech

In his first public address as Cuba’s Head of State, Miguel Díaz-Canel gave a speech confirming that his presidency will be marked by continuity. He fundamentally spoke of the Cuban Revolution and the legacy of its leaders, and used phrases … Continued

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The road to the Cuban presidency

For a Cuban citizen, in theory and according to the laws in force, to become the country’s president – or of the Council of State, the official post according to the Constitution of the Republic – call it as you … Continued

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Who is Díaz-Canel, the new President of Cuba?

He was a young, long-haired slim official who used to ride his bike greeting neighbors and because of his personal style of leading his province he was as popular as a local rock star. A decade went by since then … Continued

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Miguel Díaz-Canel. Photo: Alejandro Ernesto / AP.

Díaz-Canel is the new president of Cuba

The forecasts were right. Cuban First Vice President Miguel Díaz-Canel was officially nominated to the presidency of the Council of State and of Ministers of Cuba, which confirms him as Raúl Castro’s successor. The Assembly already approved the nomination and … Continued

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Juan Valdés Paz: “Poverty is not recognized in the official discourse” (I)

  In a few hours Cuba will wake up with a post Castro government. It wasn’t because of Washington, which except for a direct invasion by its legions, tried it all; nor was it Moscow’s tragedy; nor the domestic mistakes; … Continued

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What is the Cuban’s system of government?

Part of the State’s theory uses the concept of form of State to cover the organization and functioning of the political power apparatuses in society. This concept would in turn be made up by the form of government, the political … Continued

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Mike Pompeo, CIA director and nominated to be the next secretary of state. Photo: Jacquelyn Martin / AP / Archive.

Pompeo promises “diplomatic team” in Cuba

  Mike Pompeo, CIA director and nominated to be the next secretary of state, affirmed this Thursday that he will work to “build a diplomatic team” in Cuba that can respond to U.S. interests. Speaking of his position about the … Continued

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