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Adrian Ballesteros’ complex adventure

It’s been a while since Ilastheard about Adrian. Eventually I wonder what he is doing. One should get more often in touch with friends and not for a particular reason or because someone would reproach you about it, but just … Continued

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Denunciations by the Cuban government on the subversive plans the U.S. government

OnCuba reproduces the a Statement by Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs published this Tuesday, August 5, 2014 The repeated denunciations by the Cuban government on the subversive plans the U.S. government continues to carry out against Cuba are confirmed once … Continued

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Encuentro de Dulce María Loynaz y Gabriela Mistral en La Habana.

A Nobel and a Cervantes laureates in Havana

– What do you think?, asked the hostess to Spanish essayist Don Federico de Onis, while he showed a legitimate lace bedspread, bought for the guest room. The first thing she will do upon arrival is to lie on it … Continued

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Bent, in the Cuban stage

Yesterday we had the premiere in Cuba of Bent, a piece by British playwright Martin Sherman talking about repression against homosexuals in the context of Nazi Germany. On the Cuban side assumed the co-direction the young filmmaker Luis Ernesto Donas … Continued

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Arte en la Rampa, a summer bazaar

In one of the 120 stands that make the XV edition of Art at La Rampa the Santander family, heiress of six generations of potters who, since 1892, have been converting the old craft of pottery into beautiful pieces of … Continued

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Constitución de la República de Cuba

How much does the Constitution cost?

It is ten Cuban pesos. That’s its value in 23rdStreet in Vedado, in the Cuban capital, very close to Coppelia where an old man also hawks newspapers and magazines. Till recently it was hard to buy the Constitution of the … Continued

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“Tras la huella” is not “Día y noche”

I don’t like the Cuban detective television show Tras la huella (Chasing crime). During its broadcast on Sunday evenings I change the channel, but then there is Telesur, which I don’t like either, and I have to go back to … Continued

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The Blumenstein and the doomed voyage

Else Blumenstein had little time if she wanted to stay alive. Her husband, Franz, was one of the 3000 Jews the Nazis beat and humiliated during the famous “Night of Broken Glass” pogrom in Vienna. Without hesitation, she sold everything … Continued

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Una institución en cuanto a diseño en la ciudad de Santiago de Cuba / Foto: Cortesía del entrevistado.

I have devoted my life to turning shortages into art

He has designed signs, wedding suits, carnival customs, show customs, picture hats, caps, tiaras, scenography, floats. He has worked with cloth, threads, wood, metal, plastic, and leather, cardboard. He has left his imprint in theaters, weddings and passacaglias… but he … Continued

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Yeyita la colera

Perhaps she envisaged the wave of self-employment. She did well in a job that can only be understood in the Cuban context during the 70’s and the 80’s. She was ahead almost by 30 years to our present reality, with … Continued

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