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US State Department Releases Statement on Migratory talks with Cuba

As it was announced, this Wednesday delegations of Cuba and the United States met in Washington DC to give continuity to the migratory talks that are held twice a year since 1994. Both delegations agreed the talks took place in … Continued

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Cuban Statement on Migratory Talks with the United States

A new round of migratory talks between Cuba and the United States was held this Wednesday, presided by by Edward Alex Lee, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Bureau for Western Hemisphere Affairs of the US State Department, and Josefina Vidal … Continued

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Parte del antiguo trapiche La Lucrecia

Mr. Miller, Gonzalo and the oblivion of a sugar mill …

It is said that back in 1952 someone known as Mr. Miller, a nice Yankee, didn’t allow Nene Alfonso and Manolo Docampo to buy the former sugar mill La Lucrecia, seven miles south of Lugareño, a town located 60 kilometers … Continued

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Opinions from Miami on the cancelation of Aero Marti flights

Aero Marti, an airborne broadcasting platform that sent radio and television signals to Cuba, has been finally canceled after countless reviews due to its high cost and limited effectiveness. The program had ceased operations since about year and a half, … Continued

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On how the toughest man among Cubans was buried

The smell of death was all over Eugenio Casimiro Rodríguez Carta. His lofty figure portrayed a weird desire to kill someone. In public he was always quiet, nicely dressed, but everyone knew he was a born thug, one that would … Continued

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Vladimir Putin will visit Cuba next week

The president of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin will arrive in Cuba on 11 July in his first stop of a Latin American tour that includes official visits to Argentina and Brazil, said on Friday the Kremlin press office. The … Continued

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Telefonía móvil en Cuba

ETECSA announces elimination of mandatory payment of five CUC for cell phones

The Telecommunications Company of Cuba (ETECSA) announced the elimination of mandatory minimum payment of five CUC (Cuban Convertible Pesos) per month for cell phones in the country during one of the sessions of the Committee for the Care Services at … Continued

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Bultos postales

The odyssey of deliveries to Cuba

Doctor Androvis García Pupo is an expert in preparing packages to dispatch to Cuba. He buys a box and fills it with shoes and grooming products. It never weighs over three kilograms, so that his parents, his wife, nor his … Continued

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arrendamientos de locales en cuba

Some notes on self-employment

In Santiago de Cuba there is a central beauty parlor by the name of Vogue, which refers to a famous fashion magazine, at the Callejon del Carmen, in front of a bronze sculpture of composer Miguel Matamoros. There is not … Continued

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Tienda en Camagüey

Sales in CUC and CUP: One peso or five pesetas…?

In October, 2013, an Official Note published in the Granma newspaper announced the beginning of a process for a single monetary and exchange currency. It would start in the business sector, without a specific time frame or concrete instructions. The … Continued

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