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arrendamientos de locales en cuba

Some notes on self-employment

In Santiago de Cuba there is a central beauty parlor by the name of Vogue, which refers to a famous fashion magazine, at the Callejon del Carmen, in front of a bronze sculpture of composer Miguel Matamoros. There is not … Continued

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Tienda en Camagüey

Sales in CUC and CUP: One peso or five pesetas…?

In October, 2013, an Official Note published in the Granma newspaper announced the beginning of a process for a single monetary and exchange currency. It would start in the business sector, without a specific time frame or concrete instructions. The … Continued

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Eric Schmidt, presidente ejecutivo de Google, de visita en Cuba

Google´s CEO Speaks on his visit to Cuba

Google´s CEO, Eric Schmidt, spoke of his recent visit to Havana on his public profile on the social network Google Plus. International media reported this weekend the executive´s visit to the University of Informatics Sciences (UCI), accompanied by Jared Cohen, … Continued

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Hotel Nacional

Hotels with history

THE AURA OF AN EPOCH HANGS OVER IT. IT HAS ITS own tradition and hallmark. Distinction, elegance, and luxury combine with efficient services at an establishment whose guests over the years have included England’s King Edward VIII; Ava Gardner and … Continued

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Niños viajeros

Three in Havana

RAFA-WAN KENOBI WELCOMES THEM. THEY NEVER ARRIVE TOGETHER, but they fly in every summer without fail. When this Kenobi is not a Jedi master with a laser sword, he is a 10-year-old boy who lives in Havana, and who waits … Continued

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Eric Schmidt, presidente ejecutivo de Google

Google executives visit Cuba

Eric Schmidt, Jared Cohen, Brett Perlmutter and Dan Keyserling are visiting Cuba and the Computer Science University (UCI by its acronym in Spanish). The heads of the multimillionaire company were welcomed in total discretion at the said university. Since June … Continued

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Besada por la Diversidad y la Igualdad

For a revolutionary kiss

Next Saturday 28 is the 45thanniversary of the Stonewall Inn riots in New York City. The Arcoiris (Rainbow) Project, which works for the rights of LGTBI people, has arranged a Second Kissing for Diversity and Equality, in Havana’s Old Square, … Continued

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When Miss Alina asked the students to go up on the platform, the stairs seemed endless to me. We had copy the Geography assignment from Angela’s workbook. Shame was suffocating me. Five or six shrunk boys were standing before the … Continued

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Espacio Laical

Viewpoints on Espacio Laical

During the last couple days much has been talked about the news on the resignation of the heads of the magazine Espacio Laical. In some media of the Cuban diaspora and in some websites, specialists or citizens in general have … Continued

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Joe Garcia: Cubans want to live in Cuba

Joe Garcia was born in Miami Beach, in October 1963. He is the son of Cuban immigrants. He was educated in a bilingual environment and in the love to Cuba. Today he is Congressman for District 26 of South Florida, … Continued

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