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Let the gays come to me

Humboldt 52, the trendy gay bar, is as the likeness of stereotype. The show of the transvestite that imitates Rocío Jurado between spasms and blows a closed fist in the middle of the chest, and the congregation of pingueros (male … Continued

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Reasons for leaving

For Jaime Reytor it is hard to assume his current reality. He repeats his story over and over again with the precision of an English machine. He cannot believe it yet. First, there was a phone call, then fear, the … Continued

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Bultos postales

Correos de Cuba statements about sending i parcels to Cuba from abroad

In recent months, sending parcels from abroad to Cuba is affected by delays or losses. To explain the complicated process parcels go through to reach the recipient, the Correos de Cuba Business Group (GECC) held a press conference. Engineer Zoraya … Continued

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Michael Jackson three times in my house

Einstein was black, thin. His name of a genius, but he was a dancer. His generosity made things easier when finally showed us Michael´s latest move. One day bent his knees, that magical moment he stood on his toes. Michael … Continued

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Roberto Veiga y Lenier González

Editors of Espacio Laical magazine confirmed the resignation from their posts

Roberto Veiga and Lenier Gonzalez, Editor and Deputy Editor, respectively, of the “Espacio laical” (Lay Space), resigned their positions after ten years in charge of the publication, on their “free will” and “not as a result of any dismissal,” according … Continued

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Laboratorio de la valla

“Golden” cockfights (II)

Underground The audio head, who has worked there for 12 years and is almost an expert on Mexican songs (the favorite songs of fighting cocks breeders), explains that in underground cockfights bets get to the highest amounts: “In these fights … Continued

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Sección de Intereses de Estados Unidos en La Habana

New chief of US Interests Section in Havana appointed

U.S. Ambassador Jeffrey DeLaurentis will serve as chief of mission at the U.S. Interests Section in Cuba starting next July, according to a statement issued by the State Department. DeLaurentis will replace John Caulfield, who began his mission as head … Continued

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Gabriel Davalos will finally exhibit in Havana!

Gabriel Davalos’ photographs are popular in Facebook in such a way he would have never imagined. His work has managed to get the attention of dance connoisseurs and amateurs, something arts cannot always achieve. Undoubtedly, this digital platform allowed this … Continued

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Eight people arrested for selling enrollment exams

Five pre-college teachers, one methodologist, a worker from the Ministry of Education (MINED) and another person not engaged in this sector are being held as part of the fraud investigation that led to twelfth grade students to repeat the Mathematics … Continued

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Nauta’s first anniversary

The “extension” of the public service of internet access in Cuba, known as Nauta, celebrated its first anniversary last June 4. Around this date last year, the national and international press announced the opening of 118 navigation rooms with more … Continued

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