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The Havana Cubans celebrating their triumph the 1946 championship of the Florida International League. Photo:

Havana Cubans: “One more step and we’re there”

On April 17, 1946, the Havana Cubans made their debut in La Tropical Stadium. It was a Cuban team founded by U.S. scout Joe Cambria which participated with that name in eight U.S. organized baseball series. A year later, with … Continued

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Antonio Lusson, a Cuban in kite surfing

“I have two knee operations because of kite surfing. They inserted two screws and a staple for the rest of my life; I’ve dislocated my shoulders several times and I also have many sprained ankles. I’ve broken my ribs four … Continued

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Soccer 3-Baseball 0

At 4:20 p.m. of March 1, 2017, there are no shouts of “Homerun” in Cuban streets as used to happen before. In the park, in the street, in the plot of land, the only that unmistakable word heard: “Goooooal!” Like … Continued

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Alfredo de Oro. Photo: Harris & Ewing (1914)

De Oro

The public surrounded the table, expectant. Jerome Keogh caresses the tip of his cue and observes attentively his rival’s turn. Only nine balls separate him from the world billiard title in the modality of continues pool, while his opponent needs … Continued

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Alain Alvarez Legrá (to the right) with his brother Ernesto in the 2016 Miami Open. Photo: Courtesy of the interviewee.

A Cuban in the elite world of tennis

When tennis is mentioned today Cuba is not usually thought of. Neither its great stars – like Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal or the Williams sisters – nor its most renowned scenarios at present are related to the island. … Continued

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Photo by Gala Belén

Pedro Ramos: “I’ve never stopped having baseball for breakfast, lunch and dinner”

A glory of the Major Leagues, Pedro Ramos, from Pinar del Río, has honored these days the stands of the Victoria de Girón Stadium. He sat there, in silence, with a cigar in his hand and a cap that recalls … Continued

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Cuban boxer Teófilo Stevenson, three-time Olympic champion.

Stevenson, Francis the kid

“Francis, you’re big for the fun of it,” the father used to say to the big kid, too tall for his age and acting like a child. Those who knew Teófilo Francisco say that as a child he was vivacious, … Continued

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Photo: Regino Sosa

Thirty years running Havana

Running the Havana marathon means making stops in several of the most significant points of the city and its history, crossing the obstacles of its streets, getting wet with the salt water along the stretch of the seafront drive. It … Continued

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Photo by Calixto N. Llanes

Cuba put the Fiesta and the United States the goals

This Friday the Havana Pedro Marrero Stadium witnessed an authentic fiesta when the Cuban and U.S. soccer teams played against each other in a friendly game that ended 2-0 in favor of the visitors. Flags from both countries, fans of … Continued

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Jose Fernandez Photo:

He’s not coming back

The only time I spoke with José Fernández I told him I wanted to write a long work for when he finished his career; something that would show all the moments of his life. He told me there was no … Continued

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