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Ismael Romero / Photo by Grand Rapids Drive

Romero, a Cuban in the NBA Development League

The night of October 31, 2015 was one more Halloween for New York inhabitants. However, the life of Ismael Romero would change in one of the buildings of the city, where the NBA D-League—the development league of the best basketball … Continued

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Stadium Panamericano de La Habana. Foto: IV2K / Flickr.

The Olympic Games in Havana and Miami in 2032?

The International Olympic Committee’s new reforms under the so-called 2020 Agenda are leading to important modifications in the selection process for cities in order to guarantee the success of the Games with an emphasis on their legacy and sustainability. The … Continued

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Photo by Ronald Suárez

Pedro Ramos is visiting Cuba

Ted Williams makes a swing at the ball, but cannot find it. It is the third strike and while the best batter in history walks to the dig-out, the man who just dominated him, Pedro Ramos, amidst the excitement, asks … Continued

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The Canadian Ben Johnson, known for his disqualification for doping after winning the final of the 100 meters at the 1988 Olympics in Seoul.

Doping: I suspect therefore I am

In Rio they will carry out 4,500 urine and blood tests. Really we will have to wait between four and eight more years to know how the story will definitely go for the table of medals in some Olympic Games, … Continued

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Photo, Club Ecuestre cortesy

An Equestrian Club for an Auction of Excellence

The Havana Equestrian Club, located in Lenin Park, 12 kilometers from the capital and adjacent to the Horseback Riding School, is an installation equipped to show visitors the skills of the horses trained there, as well as holding the usual … Continued

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Cubans and “Americans” fight on a bridge in Pittsburgh

United States and Cuba have had a bridge … And on that bridge – baptised “Roberto Clemente” – in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania- they will enter the ring for a unprecedented boxing spectacle between local fighters and arrivals from Havana in an … Continued

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Photo: USA-Cuba Goodwill Tour 2016

Holguin’s children’s baseball team visits the USA

Friday night, April 8, at the headquarters of the West Hartford Amateur Baseball Association, the Democrat Senator Chris Murphy, announced that “the most important relationships are the people to people relationships. Baseball has been one of the links between the … Continued

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Photo by Eduardo González

Young Americans learn to fight ‘Cuban style’

Joshua, Samuel, Yo, Layo, Evan and Charles, are six young Americans who until recently barley knew that Cuba was an island close to the coast of their country. They only knew what their coach, Alberto, had told them: it was … Continued

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Photo by Alejandro Ulloa

The NBA and Shaquille O’Neill dribble in Cuba

The National Basketball Association (NBA) is back in Cuba. A year and several months after its first visit to the island (for the occasion of which Mutombo and Steve Nash headed up the committee), the American entity has returned along … Continued

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Former MLB pitcher El Duque Hernandez will visit Cuba

In less than a month, Orlando “El Duque” Hernandez, a living legend of Cuban baseball, will return to Cuba for the first time since he left the country to join the MLB. Hernandez, who went from playing for Havana’s Industriales … Continued

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