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Michel is Back. Is Yulieski Moving?

The two best third base in Cuban baseball today are producing information these days. Michel Enríquez, from Pinar del Río, has already trained for the 52 National Series, while Yulieski Gourriel might leave the Gallos behind to join the pride of Lions. A few days ago we heard the good news from our colleague Yuliet Pérez in the Isle of Yough that Super 12 – as he is called there – is already training for the upcoming championship at the Cristóbal Labra stadium.

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Cuba with Strong Squad to World Chess Olympiad

Cuba will face the fortieth edition of the 2012 Istanbul World Chess Olympiad with its elite team that include two players whose ELO is over 2700 for the first time in its participation in these events. Grand Masters Leinier Dominguez and Lazaro Bruzón lead the Cuban squad to the tournament in Turkey, backed by their 2725 and 2711coefficients, respectively, which places them in the 23 and 36 places of the world ranking.

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A Cuban at Fenway Park

The historical antagonism between Cuba and the United States, exceedingly intensified in the political sphere for more than five decades, will cease for several seconds when the once spectacular Cuban short stop Tony González throws the first ball at a Major League baseball game between the Boston Red Socks and the Kansas City Royals. The time machine will stop at 18:45 next August 25 to privilege the unwonted event, which will take place at Boston’s mythical Fenway Park, in the Massachusetts capital.

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Mijain Lopez, the Cuban Greco-Roman wrestling demigod

Some 29 years ago a demigod was born in Cuba: Mijain Lopez. Of these half human, half immortal children of Zeus, who wander the earth with superlative powers and dedicate their lives to delight the crowd with extraordinary genius. On Monday August 6, 2012, The great Caribbean Achilles weighing 120 kilograms delighted millions of Cubans with his gold medal at the London 2012Olympics, despite being surrounded by mysticism and scepticism, but which removed any doubt about who the best Greco-Roman wrestler of the world, pound for pound, is nowadays.

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Cuba, King Pyrrhus and Five oases in the Desert

Cuba's performance in the recently concluded Olympic Games in London-2012 has a host of readings. Most fans will idolize a long time the five gold medals we won, the most opportunistic will only recall that the task was to surpass the harvest from four years ago in Beijing, and most critics will see the sixteenth place reached by Cuba as a Pyrrhic victory.

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Hanser García, a Swimmer from another Galaxy

Winning is the goal inherent to competing, or at least that is the modernist optics of sports. However, for the great majority of mortals, conquering a gold medal is a chimera. That was the case of Cuban Hanser García, a swimmer who arrived at the 2012 London Olympic Games as pure decoration and dazzled the world when, against all forecasts, he reached the 100m freestyle grand final.

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Cuba and its Eight Boxers in London 2012

Cuban boxing is not the same one it was years ago, but it still retains its world class, and is expected to maintain once more its vanguard ranking and contribute to Cuba’s results in the London 2012 Olympic Games. It has a pending debt since Beijing 2008, when it did not obtain any gold medals.

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Robles + Xiang = Olympic Gold, right?

The much publicized battle between Cuban Dayron Robles and Chinese Liu Xiang for the gold medal in the 110 hurdle-race of the upcoming Olympic Games will be anthological, no doubt about it. However, does this qualify them for a title in London 2012? In my humble opinion, it does not. At this height of the season, neither one of the Olympic champions can sleep in peace, and much less consider himself the indisputable favorite, all the more after the fabulous irruption on the scene of U.S. athlete Aries Merritt.

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