Michael Jackson three times in my house

Einstein was black, thin. His name of a genius, but he was a dancer. His generosity made things easier when finally showed us Michael´s latest move.

One day bent his knees, that magical moment he stood on his toes. Michael Jackson was in our classroom! He just had a rival: airplanes. He dreamed of being a pilot, but an invisible eye injury returned him to the ground, and there were no shadows to the king.

I showed him some magazine that was taking it on Michael Jackson and his marriage. “Watch as Michael’s hand is whiter than that of Presley,” he said. Not even then he lost his temper. My friend never looked at his skin. His Michael was above everything. No review could touch his idol.

-It is envy. They do not forgive him….

One day Einstein ventured to my house. My in-law Santiago stole his attention. They became engaged in a conversation about the youngest of the Jackson in which it was impossible to add a word. It was the first time Michael was at home.

He rose from the sand in the Pharaonic hall. Turned and a thousand faces appeared. Kicked and trees returned from felling, elephants shook dust of death.

Quietly, without anyone seeing me, I tried to capture in the hallway his moonwalking. I worked hard, but no way. In revenge I learned the Song of the 46: We are the World. I learned as I could.

Michael stayed on the crest of the wave. My friend looked for the world, which his idol had showed him, but my nephew Esteban found in him inspiration. Esteban sessions occupied family gatherings. The hat was leaning, the violent turn, the hand down…

From the inner circle he went to theaters, has garnered plaudits and awards in his own style, but Michael walks crouched in his bones, yet.

In its shade, Marcos grew, son of my niece. There I have him recorded in the doorway, with his slipper flying in full contortion. It is the third generation of his worshipers…

Michael Jackson was gone, just like that, one day in 2009. At 50. And nothing has been the same.

He recently returned in the Billboard Awards. They made him dance from a holographic projection. Do not want to let him go. They cannot let him go. It just cannot be done.

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