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Lately our mailboxes are receiving messages of support, concern and suggestions sent by readers and followers of OnCuba from all over the world, mainly from the United States.

They are concerned about the predictable storm of criticisms coming from a group that is against this innovative and exceptional project.

We thank all of them. Both concerns show we are advancing along the right path, and that we are taking up a relevant space we mustn’t or expect to obviate.

It is a necessary, healthy and even inspiring debate; it is the driving force that nourishes us. There is no greater motivation than a good dose of criticisms – much better if their intention were to build instead of destroying.

With barely four years of existence, OnCuba, in its digital version, is one of the most read media about Cuba in the world. The printed edition, meanwhile, has an unprecedented distribution: it is satisfying to see our magazines in the United States’ most important shops and airports. This magazine, together with Art OnCuba, OnCuba Real Estate and OnCuba Travel make up the only media platform that discovers a country based on its widest, most beautiful and controversial aspects.

There are still many goals to achieve. The imprints carry weight; the paths, work and effort. Meanwhile, our sales, subscriptions and readers are multiplying. We are growing.

To our followers from one or another position: perhaps OnCuba is not what some of you want it to be; it can even not be what they say it is. We understand that we will not always be able to satisfy everyone.

OnCuba is what we have built, those of us who believe it is possible to make a better journalism, sincere, truthful and from multiple voices; all this without external influences, overcoming old axioms, rejecting smokescreens and withstanding manipulations.

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Rene Rojas

27 August, 2016

Hi all, i would like to thank the On Cuba staff particularly Mr Cancio for making this possible so people who show interest about Cuba will have a sense of what is going on in Cuba and what really we must work on restoring the country socially and economically. THANKS


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