Amigas across Canada

The Litz Alfonso Ballet Dance Cuba at this time is touring the icy Canada with the shows Amigas and Cuba Vibra! The experiences arrive to us fresh and in the hand of Liszt, creator of this great company with almost 25 years of existence…

“The functions have been spectacular; the company is presented with lots of energy and strength. Public reaction has been very interesting because they connect strongly with the show from the beginning. Also they have much fun with some scenes like Sleepover and Rumbón. Songs like Quizás, quizás and Bésame Mucho interpreted by Niurka Reyes, Sory, Yaima Saez and José Luis Pérez, have made auditoriums sigh.

“Other scenes of the show as Neighborhood, Rumbatucada, War, Amigas and, of course, variations of the soloists, have caused a sensation. The audience to dance with us, they cannot help it. As the final blackout is done before the greetings and all stand up and they don’t sit down again. These are reasons why we are very happy. “

This is the sixth time that the Company visits Canada, now to offer its art in over 10 cities of its vast geography and such iconic venues such as the Place des Arts in Montreal. On this occasion the leading roles are played by dancers: Yadira Yasell, Sandra Reyes, Yaraidy Fernández, Carla Maria Cardona, Oddebí Garcia and Jerlandys Milian, singers Niurka Reyes, Yaíma Sáez and Sory; José Luis Pérez as a presenter and singer and Osvaldo Doimeadiós as coordinator of the TV show where the plot of Amigas occurs. The accompanying musical group, led by Ernesto Hermida and the corps de ballet of the Company, are all under the guidance of Master Liszt Alfonso

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