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Billboard: Books for a while

The place for the week is La Cabaña. There will be a little bit for everyone in this 27th Havana International Book Fair. Starting today you can get to the other side of the bay or any of the other spots where is taking place in Havana. Later on, the Fair will travel the rest of Cuba so you’ll have books for a while. You’ll see here some of the options for the occasion: book launching, panels, lectures, concerts, etc. Always remember we’ll update daily our Facebook profile so you don’t miss anything.

Stroll down and find Music, there will be concerts everywhere. In Visual Arts, go to Old Havana for a new expo. In Cinema, the Cuban film premier of Los Buenos Demonios, and a tribute to one of the greatest of the 7th French art. In FAC, everything! Stop by and you’ll see.

Main course since today: the Book Fair, but you’ll still have time for the rest. Look and find ‘cause we have a lot. Don’t let the others tell you the stories. See you around!


Reading is growing

The 27th Havana International Book Fair is here. The Popular Republic of China will be the Invited Guest of Honor and it will be dedicated to Dr. Eusebio Leal Spengler, the Historian of Havana City. Like in previous years, the main setting will be the Fortress San Carlos de la Cabaña and it will have other locations where will take place literary events, as well as academic and artistic ones.

The different programs also have lectures, tributes, round tables, conferences, awards, book presentations, interchange spaces and talks with the different audiences in the Fair.
The artistic program of the event offers cinema, theater, expos and concerts. But don’t worry, OnCuba’s Billboard will keep you posted until January 11th.

Here you have the General Program of Pabellon Cuba, which is also a Fair location.

Union at the Fair

Ediciones Union from UNEAC also brings proposals to the fair. You can check the full program, here.

Ediciones Unión en la Feria del Libro de La Habana. Foto: Tomada de
Ediciones Unión en la Feria del Libro de La Habana. Foto: Tomada de

Ojala in a book

Today the publisher Ojala will present La canción en Cuba a cinco voces in Che Guevara hall, Casa de las Americas, at 11:00am.

Music in a book

Presentation at the book Nadie se va del todo. Musicos de Cuba y del mundo, by Joaquin Borges Triana, Sunday 4th , at 3:00pm in Salon de Mayo at Pabellon Cuba.

Fabián y el caos

The most recent book by Pedro Juan Gutierrez will be presented today at 4:30pm, in Sala Villena, UNEAC (17 St and H, Vedado).

Chamaquili is here!

Presentation of EL gran libro de Chamaquili, by Alexis Diaz Pimienta, tomorrow at 11:00am, in Pabellon Cuba it will be the text number 10 of this author’s collection so if you want to participate bring as much books of the collection as you have, and you might be the winner of the full package of books and CDs by Alexis Diaz Pimienta.

Looking at Marti

Leoni will make you dance

Unique concert of Leoni Torres tomorrow, at 8:00pm, in Karl Marx theatre. The popular interpreter will travel trough his musical trajectory including his most recent hits and some new songs.

The Show will be part of the DVD directed by Yeandro Tamayo, sponsored by EGREM.

Jazz in Pazillo

Luna Manzanares and Polito Ibañez a new space for Jazz in restaurant Bar Pazillo (5th b/ 4 and 6, Vedado), at 10:00pm.

Foto: Cortesía de Luna Manzanares.
Foto: Cortesía de Luna Manzanares.

Jazz with Yissy in Ecuador

Yissy Garcia and Banda Ancha will be tomorrow, at 7:30pm, in Sucre National Theatre, as part of the Ecuador Festival Jazz. Grecia Alban, Ecuadorian singer and multi-instrument player will join them.

La Pachanga is on

The play bar La Pachanga (28 b/ 21 and 23, Vedado) invites today to the concert with Brenda Navarrete and HabanAshe, at 10:00pm. Tomorrow will be Nube Roja and on Sunday Raul Torres.

Nube Roja. Foto: Cortesía Play Bar La Pachanga.
Nube Roja. Foto: Cortesía Play Bar La Pachanga.

Hip Hop and Graffiti in El Ciervo Encantado

Foto: Tomada del Perfil en Facebook de la compañía de teatro.
Foto: Tomada del Perfil en Facebook de la compañía de teatro.

Tomorrow hip hop en el Ciervo Encantado (18 b/ Linea and 11, Vedado), at 8:30pm. Concert of Ethian Brebaje Man with a live band and guests. There will be also the visual art of Yulier P, Mil and 2+2=5.

Play with three

Today, at 9:00pm Yaima Saez invite to her usual space, but this time with Vannia Borges and Emilio Morales. They will be celebrating Elena Burke’s 90 years. So you know invitation for Piano Bar Mesie Jualian in Le Select (5th Ave. b/ 28 and 30, Playa).

Ivette in El Tablao

Ivette Cepeda in concert with her group Reflexion, today, in El Tablao, Havana Grate Theatre, at 9:00pm.

Todo jardín es luna

This is the title of Greta Reyna expo that will be inaugurated today, at 6:00pm., in Seis Seis Arte Contemporaneo (Aguiar b/ Peña pobre and Cuarteles, Old Havana)

Buenos demonios in the cinemas

The cuban film Los Buenos demonios, directed by Gerardo Chijona will be in all the country cinemas until February 22nd.

Carlos Enrique Almirante: “El cine cubano necesita buenos guiones”

Jeanne Moreau retrospective

Cinemateca de Cuba will dedicate the whole month to tribute the French artist Jeanne Moreau, in Cine 23 y 12. Full program strong>here.

Lets go to FAC

Friday, February 2nd
8:30pm: Contemporary Dance Class, taught by Niosbel Gonzalez. Nave 3.
9:00pm: Presentation of R-Evolucion (Studio). Nave 3.

9:30pm: DJ Resident Ivan Lejardi. Nave 1.

11:00pm: David Blanco concert. Nave 4.

12:00am: Open Jazz Jam with Open Mind. Band directed by the young drum player Alain Ladron de Guevara, who won the first prize in the JoJazz contest 2015. Nave 1.

Saturday, February 3rd
9:00pm: Fashion: “Analu” Collection Designer Ana Luisa Leyva. Nave 3.
9:30pm: DJ Resident Ivan Lejardi. Nave 1.
11:00pm: Athanai in cocert. Nave 1.

12:00am: Rock and Roll in FAC: Aire Libre. Group lead by Gabriel Antonio Garcia and created on 2014. They fusion alternative music with rock and roll. Nave 1.

Sunday, February 4th
9:00pm: Play: Andamio. El Publico Group Theatre. Directed by Janier Palmero. While two workers are cleaning a skyscraper glass windows they talk about their personal lives representing one part of the nowadays society. Nave 3.
10:00pm: Tribute to Bob Marley. Guampara Music and FAC present this concert with Cuban Lions: 1st Reggae Band founded in Santiago de Cuba. Guests: Niño Fony and Dj El Lapiz. Nave 1.
10:30pm: DNA Music with Pachequito. Nave 4.
11:00pm: Pachequito in concert. Pianist, percussionist, composer and musical director. He has several important international awards and performed in the Herbie Hancock Tribute in New York. Nave 4.
11:30pm: DJ Resident Ivan Lejardi. Nave 1.

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