Billboard: Dudo means doubt, so don’t

A play premier by Teatro El Publico is more than enough to do as much as possible to get a ticket in Trianon theater. Carlos Diaz will present tomorrow Dudo, a unipersonal with actor Denys Ramos. The play is part of the third edition of French Culture in Cuba month. So if you have a different plan, cancel. The fire is in El Publico.

There is another play premiere in Ludi theater company. Click the banner and find out. In Music there’s a lot: Chucho Valdes, Haydee Milanes, Beatriz Marquez, Cucurucho Valdes, Tesis de Menta and much more. In Visual Arts, La Acacia gallery will reopen with an expo with 44 artist. In Dance, the new Susana Pous company will perform Malson. And of course, FAC program again in the menu.

Recommendations a lot. So read, search and find. See you around.



Dudo in Trianón

Teatro El Publico announce the premier of the play Dudo, written by Marie Fourquet, with actor Denys Ramos on the stage. This will be tomorrow, in Trianon theater, at 8:30 pm. Directed by Carlos Diaz, the play will also have in the stage rock guitarist and singer Hector Tellez Jr., soprano Barbara Llanez and the performer Martica Minipunto.

Bosques, another premier

Ludi Theater will premier today, at 8:30 pm, the play Bosques (Forets), directed by Miguel Abreu. It will be in billboard every weekend of June and July in Ludi Theater (I St. btw 9 and 11, Vedado), Fridays and Saturdays at 8:30 pm, and Sundays at 7pm).

Chucho and Bollani in Havana

The Embassy of Italy and the Great Theater of Havana invite next Thursday 21st, at 9pm, to a concert of famous pianist Chucho Valdes and Stefano Bollani. That’s the day when the world celebrates the Music Fiesta and also the longest day of the year because of the summer solstice. Tickets will be available in the Great Theater next Tuesday 19th at 9 am.

Boleros de Oro with Haydee and Beatriz

Haydee Milanes will offer a double-concert next Wednesday 20th, at 7 pm and at 9 pm, in the Theater of the Fine Arts Museum. This performance is part of the festival Boleros de Oro, happening from June 19th to 24th in Havana and other cities of Cuba.

Also, on Tuesday 19th, same time same place, Beatriz Marquez will offer a concert as part of the same festival. This year Boleros de Oro is dedicated to women singing boleros as well as other women involved with this music genre.

Elokuente in La Marca

Presentation of the album Producto Interno Inteligente by Elokuente, in the space AmuletaMusica in La Marca, today, at 8:30 pm. Don’t miss it.

Afternoons with Ars Longa

Ars Longa upcoming performances in June in Iglesia de Paula, at 7 pm.

Friday 15th: Lux in tenebris. Instrumental music from settecento. Directed by Teresa Paz
Friday 22th: Ars eloquentia. Vocal speeches from XVIII century. Directed by Teresa Paz and Aland Lopez.

Rock and roll in Submarino

Today, at 9 pm, Miel con Limon invites to a concerts in Submarino Amarillo (17th St. corner to 6, Vedado).

Miel con Limón. Foto: Tomada del evento en Facebook.
Miel con Limón. Foto: Tomada del evento en Facebook.

Gerardo Alfonso in Fine Arts

The recognized singer song writer Gerardo Alfonso will perform next Saturday, June 16th, at 7 pm, in the Fine Arts Museum. The concerts is parts of the artist national tour.

Cuba Tour

Group Toques del Rio will start their national tour tomorrow until July 3rd. Keep up.

Cuban jazz in El Tablao

Every Tuesday, at 9 pm, different Cuban jazz artist will perform in El Tablao of the Great Theater of Havana. Next Tuesday the guest will be Cucurucho Valdes.

Lopez Gavilan symphonic

The National Symphonic Orchestra will offer a concert dedicated to Guido Lopez Gavilan music. This Sunday, at 11 am, in Covarrubias Hall of National Theater. It will be directed by Lopez Gavilan himself and as guests percussionists Justo Pelladito and Yaroldy Abreu.

Kamankola in La Casona

Gretell in concert

Gretell Barreiro in concert tomorrow, at 10pm, in The Craftman (900 South Miami Ave., Suite 135, Miami).

La Acacia reopens

Gallery La Acacia reopens tomorrow at 7:30 pm, with the expo La noche boca arriba, a collective show with 44 artist.


This is the title of the expo inaugurated today, at 8 pm, in gallery Factoria Habana.

Cabeza loca

Drawings expo by Nelson Ponce in La Marca. Inauguration today, at 6 pm.

Malson comes back

Susana Pous, director and choreographer in Micompania, invites to the presentation of Malson in Teatro Marti, this weekend, in usual hours.

"Malson". Foto: Tomada del evento en Facebook.
“Malson”. Foto: Tomada del evento en Facebook.

Let’s go to FAC


9 pm: Dance: Session Contact Improvisation. Company Los Hijos del Director. Nave 3.

9:30 pm: Session DJ Producer: Ivan Lejardi. Nave 1.

11:00 pm: Eddy Escobar in concert. Rock and Roll covers. Nave 4.

12:00 am: Open Jazz Jam with Andy Garcia and Jazz tu sabes. Nave 1.


9:00 pm: Collection: Summer Collage. Bathing suits fashion for 2018. Nave 3.

9:30 pm: Session DJ Producer: Ivan Lejardi. Nave 1.

11:00 pm: Adrian Berazain in concert. Nave 4.

12:00 am: Rock and Roll in FAC: The Shepal. Nave 1.


9:00 pm: Play: “Enano en la botella”. Teatro de la Luna. Written by Abilio Estevez. Directed by Raul Martin. Starring: Yaikenis Rojas. Nave 3.

10:00 pm: Vocal Renacer in concert. Nave 1.

11: 00 pm: Mas con menos in concert. Nave 4. 11:30 pm: Session DJ Producer: Ivan Lejardi. Nave 1.

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