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We’ ll start 2018 with really good trova. Go to Santa Clara if you don’t want to miss the 22nd Longina Festival, excellent moment to enjoy the newest trova in the country. This 2018 it will be dedicated to Teresita Fernandez and Habanera genre. There will be a lot to do and a lot of artists too. So if you want to hit it … or listen it, let’s go to the center of the Island.

If you want more Music, we’re feeling already the Jazz Plaza arrival really soon. Look down, there’re heads up. In Arts, new expos, new artists. In Cinema, we’ll have premiers and you could also take a look back to remember. In Theater, El Público company is on tour in USA so all of you there can go. In Dance, there will be Ballet this weekend, and in Literature you’ll have El Sábado del Libro and more.

Check out everything for this weekend. Let’s get things going again with the new year. Recharge and come back next week. See you around!


Longina 2018

From Tuesday 9th to 14th in Villa Clara will take place the 22nd edition of Longina Festival, one of the most important ones for the newest trova movement in Cuba. This time it will be dedicated to Teresita Fernandez and to the Habanera, genre originated in Cuba during the fist half of the 20th Century.

This edition will include several activities with kids, theoretical encounters, famous artist performances such as Polito Ibañez and Tony Avila in La Caridad Theater. Also there will participate international artist, they’ll have the Trovuntivitis space, Trovando mal, Trova al desnudo, La Hora de los mameyes, La caña santa, and others.

Another guest artists will be Ariel Barreiro, Jorgito Kamankola, Annalie Lopez, Freddy Laffita, Iraida Williams, Duo Jade, Ariel Diaz, Heidy Igualada and Martha Campos.

Tuesday Jazz

January begins with Jazz in Cafe Brecht every Tuesday. Next 9th, at 11 a.m., Cultural Center Bertolt Bretch will have Juan Carlos Marin “The Santa Amalia Trombone” in concert. Follow the sound and wait the Jazz Plaza Festival.

New World

Next Tuesday 11th, at 10 p.m., New World comes back to the Corner Cafe. Cover: 1 CUC.

Qva Libre in 2018

Attention Matanzas! Qva Libre concert to begin this 2018, today at 10 p.m., in “El Bosque”Motel, Playa Larga.

Kumar in La Marca

Today, at 8:30 p.m., in the space A Muleta Musica in La Marca presents Kumar Sublevao-Beat, one of the rap singers of the hip-hop Cuban scene. Date settle in La Marca (Obrapia 108C, b/ Oficios and Mercaderes, Old Havana). Don’t miss it.

Rock and Roll to start

Today, at 9 p.m., in Submarino Amarillo (17 St. and 6, Vedado), the year will start with Luces Verdes in concert.

Grupo de Rock and Roll "Luces Verdes". Foto tomada del Perfil en Facebook de la banda.
Grupo de Rock and Roll “Luces Verdes”. Foto tomada del Perfil en Facebook de la banda.

Flores in Pazillo

Today will perform Isis Flores in Pazillo (5ta St. b/ 4 and 6, Vedado), at 10 p.m. Luxury night with rhythm. Book in +53 53349570.

Isis Flores. Foto tomada del perfil en Facebook del Bar Restaurante Pazillo.
Isis Flores. Foto tomada del perfil en Facebook del Bar Restaurante Pazillo.

25 years of Guayasamin House

The expo inauguration of De Cuba a Ecuador: El habito de compartir, in Oswaldo Guayasamin House (Obrapia 111 b/ Oficio y Mercaderes, Old Havana) will be next Monday, at 11 a.m. The expo will be organized to celebrate the house 25th anniversary. Consists only in one piece, a cigar humidor and photographs about Cuba offering to contribute with the most important Guayasamin piece: La Capilla del Hombre.


This personal expo by artist Silvia r. Rivero will be the next proposal of Artist 718 gallery (7th St., Corner to 18, Playa). Inauguration next Wednesday 10th at 6 p.m.

Cuban premier

The premier of Cuban fiction film La hoja de la caleta will be next Wednesday 10th, at 6 p.m., in Chaplin Movie Theater. In the same place it will be streamed to the public from January 11th. The film was directed by Mirta Gonzalez and Jorge Campaneria. It narrates the relationship between a father and a son in a home signed by the absence of the mother and her sudden arrival to take the kid away.

Films to remember

23 y 12 Cinema continues with the cycle celebrating the 30 anniversary of Manuel Octavio Gomez departure. This is the billboard.

Friday 5th: 6 p.m. Tulipa/Nuevitas/ICAIC News 68

Saturday 6th: 5 p.m. La primera carga al machete/ICAIC News 68
8 p.m. Los dias del agua/ ICAIC News 68

Sunday 7th: 5 p.m. Ustedes tienen la palabra/ ICAIC News 80
8 p.m. La tierra y el cielo/ ICAIC News 80

Wednesday 10th: 6 p.m. Una mujer, un hombre, una ciudad…/ ICAIC News 82

Charlot Room in Chaplin Movie Theater continues the cycle dedicated to actress Joan Fontaine.

Friday 5th: 2:30 p.m. Jane Eyre.

5 p.m. Carta de una desconocida

Saturday 6th: 2:30 p.m. Sangre en las manos
5 p.m. Sinfonia otoñal

Sunday 7th: 2:30 p.m. Lecho de rosas
5 p.m. Othello

Tuesday 9th: 2:30 p.m. Ivanhoe

5 p.m. El bígamo

Wednesday 10th: 2:30 p.m. Mas alla de la duda 5 p.m. Tierras sin hombre

Thursday 11th: 2:30 p.m. La sospecha
5 p.m. La isla del sol

Literary January

Sede Nacional de la UNEAC. Calle 17 esq. H, Vedado. Foto tomada del sitio web de la institución.
Sede Nacional de la UNEAC. Calle 17 esq. H, Vedado. Foto tomada del sitio web de la institución.

To begin the year the Cuban Artists and Writers Union (UNEAC) invites to a month of Literature in its head quarters (H St. and 17, Vedado). These are some of the activities for this week:

Friday 5th – 4 p.m. Patio Hurón Azul
Salon: Flavor and Tradition in Cuban cooking
Topic: Dinners in Cuban Literature. Guest: Chef Madelaine Vazquez. There will be tastings courtesy Federacion Culinaria Cubana.

Monday 8th – 4 p.m. Villena Hall
Presentation of the book “El tiempo es un hábil tramposo” by Humberto Arenal, National Literature Awarded.
Host: Daniel Díaz Mantilla. Coordinator: Melba Tomás

Wednesday 10th – 5 p.m. Patio Huron Azul
Peña del Ambia
Music, dance and literature. Coordinator: Graciela Molina

Images of Haiti

Tomorrow, at 11 a.m., in the Wood Street in Old Havana, presentation of the book “Haiti, despertar de la muerte” by Amelia Duarte de la Rosa. It will present the book Marilyn Bobes and Marta Rojas.

Antigonón in USA

El Publico is in Minneapolis! Today and tomorrow the Cuban company will present in the Walker Art Center “Antigonon, un contingente epico”, as part of its USA tour. They will be also in New York. You’ll find more details here.

“El Sacrificio” comes back

This play written by Reinaldo Montero and directed by Sahily Moreda will be on stage during January in Ludi Theather (I St. b/ 9 and 11, Vedado). Fridays and Saturdays at 8:30 p.m. and Sundays at 7 p.m.

Ballet in the Great Theater

Cuban National Ballet directed by Alicia Alonso will be still performing this weekend Don Quixote in the Great Theater of Havana.

Anette Delgado en "Don Quijote", Ballet Nacional de Cuba. Foto tomada de
Anette Delgado en “Don Quijote”, Ballet Nacional de Cuba. Foto tomada de

Still the cirque

The great production “Circo es…” will be again on Saturday and Sunday in Avellaneda Hall of National Theater, at 5 p.m. It’s a great production with singers of the Cuban National Lyric Theater and cirque artists from Havana, Acrodance and Sueños Magicos companies. Don’t miss it!

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