Billboard: Let’s go party!

We are supper happy this week. Why? Because it was already a year ago when we were setting this OnCuba billboard. So lets party hard our first year by keeping you informed about everything is happening here and there. And we also have a new design as a birthday present!

To begin with this week here you have a books affair to stroll up and down Vedado area and something to read for the whole year. Music related we have a lot and for all tastes, as usual. Same in Visual Arts with expos and book presentations.  Last but not least we also have Theater, Cinema, Art Factory and each one of them full of awesome things so you have a high September start.

As you see, we did our part. You only have to choose and find wherever you like. Join us in our celebration and let us know what you think of this new look. See you around!


Readings for the whole year

Today, from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm, will be the closure for the Summer Readings. All day will be book sales, children activities and much more. It will take place all over 23rd Ave. from 12th St. to Malecón Ave. Whole program is here.

Tribute expo

Tomorrow will be the opening of Nelson Domínguez personal show. The exhibition wants to be a tribute to this artist awarded with the National Price of Arts in his 70th anniversary. It will take place in San José de las Lajas gallery with the artist.

Foto: Consejo Nacional de las Artes Plásticas.
Foto: Consejo Nacional de las Artes Plásticas.

Is this the End?

Gallery Workshop Gorría invites to collective exhibition “El fin del Gran Relato”. It will happen today at 7:00 pm and will participate: Carlos Garaicoa, Celia-Yunior, Ezequiel O. Suárez, Henry Eric Hernández, Jorge Luis Marrero, José Ángel Toirac, Los Carpinteros, Manuel Alcayde Majendie, Reynier Leyva Novo y Yornel Martínez Elías.

“Nowadays we talk much, in and out of Cuba, about “opening” and “change”; that is when one is not trying to define the moment as “the end of the great tale”. However, beyond the faith in what is yet to come, and what we could see materialized then, there is a citizenship exercise we cannot put aside: the fact of analyze history carefully; to change within it self the great tale putting it face to face with its own imaginary; to revert, from the art, all kind of narrative. Surrounding such exercise one could observe what El fin del Gran Relato is about. Each artist embrace Arthur C. Danto’s thinking while underlining the idea that there is no history when there is no narrator. Every piece is a narrative sentence for reading some action backwards, or an event, a circumstance as part of the great national tale, even when sometimes its origin belongs to the most intimate and personal”. Maylin Machado and Henry Eric Hernández, words for the expo catalogue.

Release in Arte Continua

The book Fuera de Revoluciones. Dos décadas de arte en Cuba, will be presented today at 5:00 pm in Arte Continua Gallery. The author, Maylin Machado together with Magaly Espinosa and Nahela Hechevarria will be there.

Corner for Nube Roja

Nube Roja group invites today to a concert in Corner Café at 10:00 pm. To dance with the funky songo!

With Vanito’s rhythm

Today, 9:30 pm, Real Café of Miami: Vanito Brown in concert!

Kamankola invites

This Sunday at 8:00 pm in Casona de Línea, let Jorgito Kamankola invites you like only he knows:

“In my concerts there’s no smoke/Nor dancers or lights/ My verses come from the cruxes/The nails and what I smoke/Let no one stop consumption/ For the underground who sweats/Who breath raw music/With gray blood and consciousness/And become independence/ With Kamankola and OnCuba.

Grettell Barreiro in concert

Today, 9:00 pm, in Ocho Live, Miami.

Tania Pantoja in Miami

Pantoja of Cuba in concert! Sunday 3rd , at 8:00 pm, in Cuba Ocho Museum and Performing Arts Center.

Turn up the Sweet Lizzy Project

Tomorrow, Staurday, will be Sweet Lizzy Project in Bertolt Brecht at 11:00 pm. Next Thursday they will perform in Bar Restaurant Pazillo at 9:00 pm. Take a look at this…

Bandancha for Cuban music

Yissy y Bandancha will give a concert this Saturday at 11:00 pm in Diablo Tun Tun. Cover 25 M.N. Do not miss this!

Descemer in Miami

Descemer Bueno in an acoustic concert this Saturday in Riviera Live (3138 Coral Way, Miami), at 8:00 pm.

One Pazillo, one Bar

Today at 9:00 pm listen Pauza’s music in Pazillo. Good Cuban electronic music. Tomorrow, same place same time, change the rhythm with Ray Fernández.

One Au! with Alain Pérez

Alain Pérez in El Sauce this Saturday at 9:00 pm.

Alain Pérez. Foto: Tomada del Perfil en Facebook de Rox 950.
Alain Pérez. Foto: Tomada del Perfil en Facebook de Rox 950.

Closing the summer

Great concert with Alexander Abreu y Havana d’ Primera this Saturday, September 2nd in Anti-imperialist Square at 10:00 pm.

Trova factory

If you want to start this month listening to Trova music, this is the place and those are the choices. Cover only 10 M.N, in Alamar.

More to end the summer

El Pichy in concert tomorrow at 10:00 pm in Limbo Bar Café (3rd St. and 94 St., Miramar, Playa).

The usual in Bulebar 66

Where to go

Stuff in FAC

Today, 8:30 pm, contemporary dance class by dancer Niosbel González, Nave 3. Same place, one hour later, the play Creación #2 (no lo llames poder).

At 11:00 pm, Yanet Valdés in concert singing Cuban classics, Yoruba songs and jazz. By 12:00 am in Nave 1, Open Jam with Yoandy Argudín and Cuban Evolution, a band created to promote Cuban contemporary music.

Saturday, at 9:00 pm in Nave 3, will be Artecorte Project presenting a big hairdressing show “HD”. At 11:00 pm, Roberto Fonseca y Temperamento in Nave 4!By midnight, Rock ‘n Roll in Fac with Eddy Escobar, in Nave 1.

On Sunday, at 9:00 pm, Nave 3 presents the play Mujeres de la luna by Teatro de la Luna. At 10:00 pm will play Pauzas in Nave 1, and Tony Ávila will be in concert in Nave 1 also by 11:00 pm.

Sistema by Argos Teatro

Sistema, Argos Teatro. Foto: Sonia Almaguer.
Sistema, Argos Teatro. Foto: Sonia Almaguer.

The company lead by Carlos Celdrán proposes the play Sistema, written by Abel González Melo. With usual schedule shows will be this weekend in Argos Teatro’s headquarter.

Sistema, Argos Teatro. Foto: Sonia Almaguer.
Sistema, Argos Teatro. Foto: Sonia Almaguer.


Maniobras Teatro presents the play Lisent to mee, every weekend of September starting today, at 7:00 pm in Osvaldo Dragún room of Cultural Center Raquel Revuelta. Artistic direction by Linet Cremata.

Still on time

Mefisto Theater continues this season in Bertolt Bretch Cultural Center. They will present Chicago every weekend of September in usual hours.

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