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This weekend special invitation comes with piano tiles. You’ll see above what’s about. There will be also a lot of Cuban music and lot of everything! We’re here to please you all. In the comedy world we have options both sides of the see. It will be the same with art, theater, dance and all you can think of, so you choose your way.

If you want to dance, or listening some classics, or going to an expo, or having a good laugh, or watching movies, or spend a long night in FAC, or whatever! you can do it just checking our choices! So here it goes. It’s your turn now. Check it out!

Chucho in concert

This is a very special invitation to the summer concert of maestro Chucho Valdés. It will be on Saturday, August 12th at 8:30 pm in the Great Theater of Havana. The program will offer a retrospective with some of his most emblematic work and also various tributes to different composers who influenced his career.

Jazz with Alejandro Falcón

Alejandro Falcón with his band Cubadentro will be in concert next Sunday 13th, in the Great Theater of Havana at 5 pm.

This presentation is part of Jazz Players Concert Cycle sponsor by Cuban Institute of Music this summer. Some of the musicians who will join Falcón are Ruy López-Nussa, Arnulfo José Guerra and Edgar Martínez. Also singer Beatriz Márquez, Argentinian Rodrigo Sosa, Eduardo Sandoval, Michel Herrera, Jesús Ricardo and women strings quartet Café.

Train arrives to Miami

Van Van in Miami only for one night! Today in Flamingo Theater bar at 11 pm. Book your tickets now.

1st time in USA

Yomil and El Dany arrive to Miami for the first time to give a concert tomorrow at 7 pm in Watsco Center. Check tickets and prices online.

Ocho Live proposes

Today at 9 pm Vanito Brown in concert and tomorrow will be Telmary. Where? In the Ocho Live Bar, Miami! Two days of really good Cuban music.

Boris Larramendi in concert

Boris Larramendi and his band will offer a concert tomorrow in Real Café of Miami at 10 pm.

Latin Heat in Canada

Look down the four artists who will be on August 13th in Toronto. A Cuban music show produced by Univisión Canada. All of them in the same night!

Interactivo sound

You know already that Robertico Carcasés with Interactivo are back every Wednesday in Café Bertolt Brecht. Also you can see them tomorrow in El Sauce (9th St. and 120 St., Playa) at 11 pm.

Vicente Feliú in Alamar

Go to Pazillo

Tomorrow at 9 pm Luna Manzanares and next Wednesday group Frasis. Remember is for free!

Diván on tour all over Cuba

EThis is the program of Diván tour all over the country. Follow dates and go seeing him!

Electronic weekend

Today and tomorrow in Sarao Night Club will be Electro-Accustic Music National Lab.

A Cuban combination

Maichel Blanco y Combinación Cubana will be today from 11 pm to 3 am in Diablo Tun Tun, Casa de la Música, Miramar.

David Blanco invites

Today at 11 pm David Blanco will wait for you in Café Bertolt Brecht.

Camerata Romeu in Concert

Camerata Romeu will perform one only night this Sunday in Covarrubias Hall of National Theater at 5 pm.


Camerata Romeu. Foto: Sitio Web Oficial Camerata Romeu.
Camerata Romeu. Foto: Sitio Web Oficial Camerata Romeu.

Inti Santana in concert

Hilarious Fridays in Miami

Cuban laugh in Hialeah

Tomorrow in the Carreta of Hialeah, at 8 pm, will be a comedy show with Otto Ortiz, El Colora’o, Jorge Díaz and Rikimbily. Go and get a good laugh.

New expo in Servando Gallery

Today will be the opening of the personal exhibit Ibídem by artist Yornel Martínez, at 7 pm in Servando Cabrera Art Gallery.

Contemporary and transfigured art

Expo Trans-Figuration will be open today at 6 pm in Kendall Art Center, Miami. It is a diverse exhibit with the work of Cuban artists Noel Dobarganes, Hernández Flandez, Tony Rodríguez, Jorge Santos and Raúl Proenza (born in USA but with Cuban roots).

Chicago by Mefisto

Company Mefisto Teatro presents Chicago, the musical. The play will be on Tito Junco room of Cultural Center Bertolt Brecht during August.

Performed lecture in Buendía

Studio Theater Buendía and Ingenio Teatro present Consuelo and Antoine by Saint-Exupéry. It will be a one night only presentation today at 8:30 pm in Hall Theater Buendía (Loma St. between 39th and Colón St., Nuevo Vedado).

New moon for Amado

Company Vital Teatro presents Luna nueva, a tribute play to writer Amado del Pino. It will take place in Raquel Revuelta Cultural Center to next September 13th, every Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, always at 8:30 pm.

Elenco de la obra Luna Nueva de Vital Teatro. Foto: Perfil en Facebook de la compañía.
Elenco de la obra Luna Nueva de Vital Teatro. Foto: Perfil en Facebook de la compañía.

Indian dance in Cuba

Katha Classic Dance, directed by Ms. Shubhada Dubey will perform tomorrow in Covarrubias Hall of Cuban National Theater, at 8:30 pm.

It is a show to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of Indian Independence and is organized by Culture Ministry, National Council of Performing Arts and the Indian Embassy in Cuba.

Everything in FAC

Today at 8:30 pm in Nave 3 Contemporary Dance open class by teacher Jorge Alcolea, choreographer in National Dance Company of Ecuador. Same place later will be the play Creación # 2 (no lo llames poder).

At 11 pm will be group Síntesis in concert, Nave 4. By 12 am Open Jam will take place in Nave 1 with Juan Carlos Marín.

Saturday at 9 pm will be shown a silver collection by artist Yaniel Rodríguez Benítez in Nave 3. The pieces are structured using textures contrast between polish and raw shapes. Combination of different techniques turns his jewelry and sculptures into a singular attraction in which you may find tradition and innovation.

By 11 pm in Nave 4 will play Sweet Lizzy Project, and at midnight will take place Rock and Roll in FAC with Gens in Nave 1. They will cover, as usual, well known tracks from all times.

Session Dj Producers will be a special one with DJ Lee Jone from USA at 1 am in Nave 4.

On Sunday, at 9 pm in Nave 3, the play Mujeres de la luna by Luna Theater will start directed by Raúl Martín. At 10 pm, Hip Hop in FAC invites Charly Mucharrima in Nave 1, and by 11 pm a concert of Julio Rigal with guests in Nave 4.

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