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BandEra Studio is back after their first big concert’s success in Salon Rosado, and always with Rock and Roll as a personal sign, as a lifestyle. This is our first invitation. So if you where on their last event, do it again. You know what we’re talking about.

In music you’ll see a lot of concerts for you to find exactly what you need. In Comedy there will be premier show in Karl Marx. In Dance, the second season presentation for the Lizt Alfonso Dance Cuba’s Summer Courses. In Visual Arts, a Montoto expo in Galeria Taller Gorria. In Cinema, a lot of film for the summer. And in FAC, as usual, everything.

Last week of July, but we still have August ahead. Lucky you if you are on vacation. If not, sure you’ll do something in your free time. So…see you around anyway.

BandEra Studio, second time

Second super concert with the guys of Bandera Studio. Again in Salon Rosado, Tropical, tomorrow, at 9:30 pm. This time with X Alfonso, David Blanco, Collector, Miel con Limon and BandEra band!

Ivette in Ciego de Ávila

Ivette Cepeda and Reflexion will be in concert at Teatro Principal de Ciego de Avila, tomorrow at 8:30 pm and on Sunday at 5 pm.

Foto: Alain L. Gutiérrez Almeida.
Foto: Alain L. Gutiérrez Almeida.

Horns up!

Athanai’s concert, today, at 10:30 pm, in Barbaram Pepito’s Bar. Here you have his last video featuring Kelvis Ochoa. Enjoy it and go to Barbaram for more.

Trova in San José

Today, in San Jose de las Lajas, concert with Noslen Porrua and Frank Delgado at 7 pm. Just in case you’re around.

Klimax in Cerro

Giraldo Piloto and Klimax in concert, tomorrow, at 10 pm, in Plaza Galicia, Cerro. Dance it up!

Foto: Tomada del evento creado en Facebook por Giraldo Piloto.
Foto: Tomada del evento creado en Facebook por Giraldo Piloto.

Gens in matinee

Afternoon presentation with group Gens in Submarino Amarillo, next Sunday, at 5 pm. They will have surprises!

Cuba Loves Jazz

Next Tuesday 31st, Roberto Fonseca and Temperamento will be in concert, in El Tablao of the Great Theater of Havana. Doors open at 8 pm. If you also love jazz, this is you chance!


Telmary in concert in Pabellon Cuba (23rd Ave. and O St., Vedado), today, at 5 pm.

Kelvis in El Sauce

Kelvis Ochoa in concert, tomorrow, at 10 pm, in El Sauce. Entrance: 5 CUC or 125 CUP.

Laugh in Karl Marx

Comedy show “A santo de que”, in Karl Marx, tomorrow, at 9 pm. Performances by Orlando Manrufo (Mariconchi), Enoel Oquendo (Claro), Alexei Rivera (El Colorao), Carlos Vazquez (Riquimbili) and Lazaro Hernandez (Vititi). Special guest: Yenisey del Castillo. Directed by Ricardo Isidron. Don’t miss it!

Comedy Saturday

Tomorrow, El Bacan de la Vida in Bar Melao’s (Goicuria St. 229, btw Libertad and Milagros, Santo Suarez). The show starts at 10 pm and you can book at: 76419219.

Summer with Lizt Alfonso

Lizt Alfonso Dance Cuba invites to the presentation of the closure show for its second season of summer courses 2018. This will happen next Sunday 29th, at 11 am, in Avellaneda Hall of the National Theater, where kids and young dancers will demonstrate their new skills in special choreographs created just for the occasion.

Dark by Montoto

Galeria Taller Gorria invites to the personal expo Dark. The show consists in a series of Montoto’s paintings and sculptures. Inauguration will be tomorrow, at 7 pm, in San Isidro 214, btw Picota and Compostela, Old Havana.

Cinema in Summer

Summer Cinenema Festival in every Cuban province. Here you have all the info so you can enjoy no matter where you are, whether you are a child or a grownup. Just click here y ve al cine.

Let’s go to FAC

8:30 pm: Dance: Contemporary Dance Class by dancer Osnel Delgado from Mal Paso company. Nave 3.
9:30 pm: Dance: Play Rodrigo. Nave 3.

9:30 pm: Session DJ Producer: Ivan Lejardi. Nave 1.
11 pm: Rodrigo Sosa in concert. Young Argentinian musician graduated by the Cuban National School of Art. Mix of South-American folk music, tango, bossa nova and even funk. Nave 4.
12am: Open Jazz Jam with Roberto Vizcaino. Nave 1.

9pm: Elegant female fashion show. Designer: Yudel Contreras. Nave 3.
9:30 pm: Session DJ Producer: Ivan Lejardi. Nave 1.

11pm: Toques del Rio in concert. Nave 4.
12:00 am: Rock and Roll in FAC: Habalama. Nave 1.

9 pm: Play: “Farandula”. Directed by Jazz Vila. Nave 3.
10 pm: Felixandro in concert. Nave 1.
10 pm: Theater group A teatro limpio presents “Quien da mas?” Starring: Yamira Diaz. Written by Jorge Fernandez Eras. Directed by Hugo Vargas. Nave 5.
10:30 pm: AND Music. Guest: Ozamu Menendez. Nave 4.
11 pm: Ozamu Menendez in concert. Nave 4.
11:30 pm: Session DJ Producer: Ivan Lejardi. Nave 1.

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