Haila… 20 Years Later

Twenty years have gone by since a young woman named Haila María Mompié irrupted in the Cuban music scene. Following her participation in important popular Cuban music groups like Azúcar Negra and  Bamboleo, this charismatic singer started performing as a soloist, enjoying the favor of critics and the public.

To celebrate her art career, Haila is preparing two unparalleled shows at the Karl Marx Theater of the Cuban capital on August 10 and 11.

With the art direction by Lázaro Caballero, the concert, according to Haila, “will celebrate many things. It will be an exchange with other females on themes like violence and HIV prevention, in a very communicative and instructive way.

Both shows will also be the general pretext to film a new DVD dedicated to Haila, who throughout 20 years has been among the artists preferred by the Cuban public.

The concert has been divided into two parts in order to present the wide range of styles broached by the artist. The first one will be very light and will include boleros and international hits, which Haila weekly presents at Dos Gardenias in Havana. And the second one, of course, will be an explosion of Cuban rhythm and dance, with salsa, merengue, son and electronic music.

Among the guests who will take part in the concert are Tania Pantoja, the Habana Clásicos tenor quintet, the PMM audiovisual ensemble, Laritza Bacallao, Patry White and Descemer Bueno. The Rakatán ensemble will perform the dancing part of the show.

“These have been 20 years of great sacrifice during which I missed one of life’s most beautiful things –seeing my son grow up– in order to achieve a successful career and give my art to my people, who have been faithful to me all along”, said the singer.



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