Haydee Milanes in concert this Wednesday

After passing through genres like pop, soul, funk, jazz, Brazilian rhythms to rock, Haydee Milanes reaches Filin, with her new album Palabras (Words), consisting of 14 songs with lyrics by composer Marta Valdes and her own musical arrangements.

To honor Valdés, Haydée will sing Palabras (Bis Music, Artex) live Wednesday at 8:30 pm, at the Avellaneda Hall of the National Theatre.

According to the author herself, who grew up listening to the songs of Marta thanks to her father, the album took her two and a half years and collects “complex issues, with a special atmosphere that I love and make me feel very identified with.”

Palabras has already had two live performances, and has sold about 600 copies of the first edition. The official record must be in Cuba in time for the concert today.

Interpreting songs by Marta Valdes on her new album, according to Haydée, has represented the end of a cycle of her life, for when her father, Pablo Milanes, recorded an album with her compositions, Haydée was still in the belly of her mother. When making the decision to make Palbras, the singer was also pregnant with her baby Haydée Oromi, so the album grew on par with her daughter.

The tribute concert will have as guests Pablo Milanes, Ernán López-Nussa and composer Marta Valdés.

Born in Havana in 1980, Haydee Milanes discography includes Haydee (2005), Haydee Milanes Live (2008) and A la felicidad (2009). Her international tours have had stops in Mexico, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Spain, USA and Japan.

(Haydée will also be on January 30th at Cafe Miramar, at 10:00 pm, with a different repertoire, including songs by her, her father and Descemer Bueno).

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