Juan Formell: Latin Grammy Award for Excellence 2013

Cuban musician Juan Formell will be awarded the Latin Grammy Award for Excellence 2013 along with other Hispanic renowned musicians as Oscar D’León, Palito Ortega and Miguel Ríos, it was announced today by the Latin Recording Academy (LARAS, for its acronym in English ).

According to press reports by NOTIMEX Agency, the ceremony will be on November 20 in Las Vegas. Along with these and as part of a week of Latin Grammys will also be recognized Roberto Menescal, Toto la Momposina and Eddie Palmieri.

Mario Kreutzberger, known as “Don Francisco”, will be recognized with the Latin Grammy of the Directing Council along the musical director Pedro Ramírez Velázquez.

“Their contributions to the musical legacy of the Latin world are under our constant admiration,”   LARAS President Gabriel Abaroa said about the recipients.

The renowned Cuban musician, bassist, composer and arranger Juan Formell is the true definition of an innovator and is considered an icon of Cuban popular music. He worked with the Orchestra of Carlos Faxas and created the Van Van, and won the Grammy for Best Salsa Performance.

The Venezuelan musician “Oscar D’Leon is known as” The Lion of Salsa “. In 1972 he formed the group Dimension Latina, with which launched one of his hits “Lloraras”. In 1976 he left the group to form two orchestras, La Salsa Mayor and Criticism. In the 80s his solo career took him to international fame.

With a career spanning more than 50 years as a composer, Brazilian producer, guitarist and vocalist, Roberto Menescal is revered as one of the founders of bossa nova.

The singer and performer Toto La Momposina, for his native melodies and regional rhythmic forms, is considered a national treasure in Colombia.

The singer, actor, producer and former Argentine politician Palito Ortega is the creator of hits like “Sabor a nada”, “Lo mismo que usted” and “Vestida de novia”. Ortega has recorded 27 albums, starred in 26 films and for several decades has been the undisputed idol of teenagers.

Pianist, bandleader and musician eight times winner of the Grammy and Latin Grammy, Eddie Palmieri has recorded almost 40 albums and has a career spanning over five decades.

Miguel Rios is recognized as one of the pioneers of rock in Spanish, and for more than 50 years has remained in the like of the fans of this genre.

“Don Francisco” will get his award for being key in the world of television in the U.S. Latino, Chile and other Latin American countries households for over more than half a century.

Guinness World Records declared “Sabado Gigante” the longest in America variety TV “show” and in 2012 celebrated its 50th anniversary.

The musician, composer and musical director Pedro Ramirez was part Mexican Mariachi Mexico de Pepe Villa, which he left in the 70s. Thereafter he devoted himself to make arrangements, as well as directing and producing for artists such as Angelica Maria, Leo Dan and Roberto Carlos. He was musical director of Vicente and Alejandro Fernandez.

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