Naranjo en Flor

The latest release of Cuban songwriter and singer Liuba María Hevia, Naranjo en Flor (Orange Tree in Blossom) is a dream come true for two reasons. First, according to the artist, this CD of tangos should have been her first work since she has always felt a great passion for this genre and second, because finally the Cuban audience will be able to enjoy it after the artist made the announcement at the beginning of the year.

Naranjo en Flor, produced by La Ceiba label that belongs to the Office of the City’s Historian, will be launched in the Havana city Mella Theater on September 1st.

In this album, Liuba makes a tour through the works of the greatest exponents of tango such as Astor Piazzola,  Homero Manzi, María Elena Walsh, Eladia Blázquez, Carlos Gardel, Enrique Santos Discépolo, the Expósito brothers and Osvaldo Montes, who is the composer of important soundtracks of the Argentinean movie industry  and was the person thanks to whom Lubia thanks for the participation in this album of Argentinean bandoneón player Walter Ríos, one of the members of the band that used to play along Mercedes Sosa.

The singer shares her passion in this work with her friends: troubadour Santiago Feliú and actress Broselianda Hernández, with which she has two duets: “El dia que me quieras” and Los Mareados” respectively.

In the Mella theatre concert Liuba will sing anthological pieces such as Malena, El último café, El 45, A un semejante, Caserón de tejas, Volver, Cambalache, Maquillaje, Como dos extraños, Vuelvo al sur, Sus ojos se cerraron, Chiquilín de Bachín  and the one the CD takes its name from.

Liuba María Hevia has taken this musical ride, which took her so long to realize, with great respect, because she they wanted to achieve an accurate approach, beyond the one caused by intuition and love.

In the adventure she was accompanied by the musicians of her band and Alejandro Rodriguez, cellist with the National Symphony Orchestra and the concertmaster’s violin Ariel Sarduy.

On the first Saturday of September when the lights come up in the Mella, we will find that Liuba Maria Hevia is the other name of tango.




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