The world vibrates with Lizt Alfonso

After a tour of 38 cities in the Netherlands and Belgium, Liszt Alfonso Ballet returns to the island. The company made in 2009 a similar tour of the first dance circuit of these two countries, but now returns to these scenarios with new proposals, some also unknown to the Cuban public.

The invitation came from the staging in Cuba of Vida, where foreign businessmen in this circuit asked her that starting from the musical she made an eminently dancing show. That how Cuba Vibra! Show was born, a proposal that includes two choreographies: Danzon and Seduction. It is a show which reaffirms the company’s style. Merging and Cuban identity are the backbone of the choreographies, and the art and skill are awesome as is customary with the Lizt Alfonso Ballet.

The public reception abroad was impressive, according to the director of the company, “the cheers were huge, very rewarding, the audience seemed knowledgeable about our work and the minute the music started you could hear the applauses “. She recalls the presentation in Amsterdam, the city that welcomed the first the Cuban dancers, in a memorable role for them because it also coincided with the celebrations for the 22 anniversary of the group.

While they were these European countries, the works in the headquarters in Havana. The Vocational Workshops 2013-2014 began their course with an enrollment of more than a thousand students and participated in several galas in national scenarios. Also, one of the great events of this year was filming the video clip “Dancing” with Descemer Bueno and Gente de Zona, under the direction of noted filmmaker Alejandro Perez. Filming took place at the headquarters of the Company and since its premiere on Cuban television it has remained at the top of the Lucas TV show.

Once back in Havana, Lizt Alfonso will have the public to praise this December the show named Ballet Lizt Alfonso y sus generaciones ¡A escena! The proposal will bring together the Company with its younger relay, from Vocational workshops to children’s Ballet, Youth and Art Teacher Group.

The performances will take place in the Teatro Mella in Havana on 7, 8, 13, 14 and 15 of the last month of the year. Lizt says that “all the work is done from the base, from the children that start at the Vocational Workshops at very young age until they become professional dancers. So we close 2013 and welcome 2014 as always full of new goals to achieve. “

To put an end to this year they also be in the Gala of Hope in response to HIV / AIDS on December 1 in the Lázaro Peña Theater and the Gala Tribute to American intellectual Saul Landau on the 17, at the headquarters of the Higher Institute of International Relations.

No doubt, it has been a very successful 2013 with more than twelve presentations in Cuba, plus the Amigas tour throughout the country. In the international stage they began in China after they were invited by the Ministry of Culture of the Kingdom of Bahrain to the country to participate for the second consecutive year, in the Spring Festival which was held in Manama in March. Finally, they had the aforementioned tour through Holland and Belgium which ended this year their path through foreign theaters.

In the words of Lizt Alfonso, who heads the company since its founding on October 19, 1991, “2013 has been a great year, very successful, a lot of work, but really worth it when you see the harmony and success reward this effort that is made to keep us standing. This year it will close as it should, with all who are part of this big family and in our Havana. “

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