King Bar: Where the client is king

The recently opened King Bar has set its sights on becoming the monarch of Havana’s night time bar and restaurant scene.

“It’s designed to make an impact, to attract, surprise and above all offer a good time,” states the owner of this family business, Yunior Romero, talking to OnCuba. “The bar offers a unique concept. It’s ideal for friends wanting to meet up in a relaxed atmosphere, a great place to chill out and chat.”

IMG_8323The food is, if we had to describe it – minimal Creole, fused with international cuisine. Barbecue and grilled dishes feature extensively on the menu while there are also vegetarian options.

“The idea is that the client creates their own dish. For example, pasta doesn’t feature on the menu, but if a client wants it, we oblige, while offering them the choice of combining their selection with other options on the menu. The client is king and can order whatever he/she likes from the kitchen; provided we have it. This is clearly explained on the menu so that everyone knows how the system works and can satisfy their desires,” explains Yunior.

King-Bar_3762The space exudes an artistic ambience, notwithstanding the numerous artists who frequent the bar at all hours. Welcoming clients at the entrance is a large, remarkable sculpture; a work by Oscar Álvarez, who according to Yunior, “Is the in-house artist,” and has collaborated in the design of several areas in the establishment.

King-Bar_3812“We want the bar to be a showcase for visual artists wanting to display their works, and to function like a gallery space. Several creators have already exhibited their works here. We are planning to organize a café concert with theatrical performances and fashion shows, among other cultural activities. Every Thursday sees flamenco music by Reynier Mariño, while young singer Alejandro Boue performs on Sundays. We don’t have a fixed program but would like our night time schedule to feature all genres of music.”

King-Bar_3766Another of King Bar’s strong points is its service: “When we discover it’s someone’s birthday we present them with a cake and all the staff sing happy birthday and we dance a celebratory conga. At another point during the evening we do it all again, we dance together and all the clients get involved and dance with the staff; a rich interaction and exchange between both groups takes place,” adds the proprietor.

DSC_3353King Bar is located on 23 Street between D and E, number 667, Vedado and is open from Monday to Sunday, 1pm-2am.

Bohemian, natural, urban, hypnotic, cosmopolitan and very contemporary, that’s King Bar, where the food is a celebration, a taste sensation; offering a variety of meat dishes which arrive to the table straight off the grill, all crowned with fresh, aromatic and colorful salads.


King Bar is more than just a bar, it’s a good time, a mosaic of creativity, an amalgamation of flavors, textures and aromas. It has become of one Havana’s main hot spots, the bar everyone’s talking bout; which has understandably, gained notoriety in a short space of time, and is packed at every hour of the day, night and early morning for that matter.

Time seems to stand still in King Bar, and for the client – enjoying the feeling of being treated like royalty – minutes seem like hours. He/she has no choice but to gladly return, again and again.


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Ok, ill go next year.

¿Por qué no ponen: PUBLICIDAD PAGADA? It ‘tastes’ like this!

bueno,si alguien me invita, pues como dice el verso del poeta… no sé, yo no puedo entrar…


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