Thirteen million dollars for Cuban Agriculture

Thirteen million dollars to import equipment and rehabilitate waterworks in irrigated areas is the budget for 2015 of the AZCUBA Sugar Group, informed specialists in the imminence of the next harvest, which begins in Mayabeque in mid November and ends in May in Holguin.

Fifty sugar mills, two more than in 2014, will work 148 days of the coming production period. The two newcomers are Dos Rios, in Santiago de Cuba, align, and Brazil, in Camagüey, Miguel Angel Mendez, director of Care for industrial plants of the company, told the newspaper Juventud Rebelde

For the rehabilitation of the sugar industry, whose largest output is recorded increased in 1970 with 8.7 million tons of crude and from there it fell to the drastic amount of 1.1 million in 2007, Cuba is in talks with a foreign firm. The investment money will go to the execution of a bioelectrical plant in the Ciro Redondo sugar mill, Ciego de Avila.

A second bioelectrical plant, only with national capital, is being built on the giant Jesus Rabi, Matanzas; and Cuba is planning to build three in Artemisa, Havana and Holguin; which combined with the 17 in plans to start operation until 2030, should triple the rate of generation of megawatts hour per ton of cane increasing it from 37 megawatts at present to more than 110 in the future.

It also seeks, deadline for 2020, bringing closer the agricultural areas to the mills, distance that was shortened to less than 20 kilometers between them.

For now, for the next harvest one of the priorities is to invest in the rescue of the storage capabilities of honey and sugar; while an increase of 12.3 percent in production due to the increase of cultivated areas and the extension in the duration of the harvest.

In November six sugar mills should the milling, in December 37 will start and the rest will be added in January. Currently all of them are being repaired and in 13 of them actions are underway to ensure the proper treatment of waste.

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