Unforgettable Moraleja

La Moraleja, a daring and traditional restaurant at the same time, with a well-defined culinary line, stands among the diverse gastronomic spots of the Cuban capital of Havana. This space emerged from a family dream. Its most important objective is to please those visiting it in terms of winery and ovens. With an unusual decoration, baroque touches and melodies that attract good vibe, friendship and pleasures find here unlimited shelter.  Just a few steps from the centric 23 and L streets we see this restaurant that opened its doors on January 25, 2010, after months of arduous work.

Located in the patio of a beautiful 1940s mansion of El Vedado, it has a special magnetism that can be perceived from its spacious and cool entrance, its rooms (in open air, air conditioned and cellar), its singular cuisine and the excellence of the service.

Photo: Rolando Pujols
Photo: Rolando Pujols

With a select menu, the chef pleases the tastes of all patrons. The variety is extensive and ranges from our traditional and stylized cuisine to unique and innovative recipes of the gourmet tendency; the common factor is the careful selection of the ingredients and the audacious presentations that enhance the textures, flavors, colors, aromas and natural garnishing of the food.

“Dreaming doesn’t cost anything, that’s why and as long as you don’t stop dreaming, you will be in La Moraleja, a dream come true,” says the first page of the restaurant’s carte. Starting from the parlor one can appreciate the meticulously cared for details: from the plants to the small lamps that accompany visitors to their destination, which can be in front of the grill, in the air-conditioned rooms or at the bar, crowned by an original bell semi filled with wine glasses.

It has had many illustrious visitors, Cubans as well as foreign, who have appreciated the delights of this place awarded by prestigious international jury members. It has been awarded the International Gold Star for Quality in Paris in 2014, one of the most significant prizes of the gastronomic sector on a world level.

Photo: Rolando Pujols
Photo: Rolando Pujols

Olguita and Jorge Luis, the owners, with several years of experience in the world of the hotel and catering business, learned to please their patrons. Their demands are the priority, which is why one of the country’s most complete wine cellars was built with great effort, with more than 250 types of wine and a representation of the 15 most important world winery zones, it also stores a great variety of liqueurs, rums, whiskeys and other elixirs in a bar that can be yours, since it is at your complete disposal.

Each visit is a new experience, since the gastronomic offers as well as the place and its decoration are in constant renovation. Moreover, it is a peaceful and intimate place, welcoming, elegant. A mixture of the modern and the classic fills La Moraleja, gives a different swing: from the eclectic and unique chinaware to the furniture, to rescue the traditions of the Cuban family from the early 20th century, merging them with contemporary elements of great utility and style.

Photo: Rolando Pujols
Photo: Rolando Pujols

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Iwo Rivera

7 August, 2016

I visited this nice restaurant nearby Havana Libre Hotel. Very very nice. But, I wouldn’t rate it the maximum category. Coming from a racially diverse country myself, I found ironical that the entire staff were people labeled themselves as ‘blancos’ … Not a single black face around…. Oh, yes, one of the musicians. Apart from that, any convincing reason for that? Thanks for your attention. IR


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