“Upgrading” of all Cuban enterprises

Cuban state-run enterprises will be more independent from the State although they will be under the charge of the Council of Ministers, after the coming into force of new regulations seeking to improve the management and efficiency of the country’s economic fabric.

The new regulations will be extended to the “business upgrading” of all the country’s state-run enterprises, giving greater authority to the companies’ executives and “specifying” the work of the business management higher organizations (OSDE), the enterprises and the grass-root business units.

Thus, according to the daily Granma, the OSDE will exercise over the enterprises “management and control functions, but without intervening in their work and with a strict respect for their autonomy.”

The priority control will be exercised “over the general results of the entire organization and the use of the resources assigned by the government,” it notes.

Moreover, these higher business agencies will be seen to “by a member of the Council of Ministers appointed to this effect, which is personal and non-delegated: they will be responsible for the tasks of orientation, coordination and control, without supplanting the president of the OSDE in his/her function of management.”

According to the new regulation, the ministers’ functions in relation to those agencies include assessing their economic results, controlling the investment process and the transference of technology from and to other countries.

The minister will also supervise “the economic damages caused to the country” by each OSDE-member enterprise under their responsibility, “including their foreign trade operations,” and will coordinate “the application of the foreign investment policy, collaboration and their results.”

These new policies form part of the process of upgrading of the socialist model promoted in the last decade by Raúl Castro, which has also included the expansion of self-employment and the recent recognition of private enterprise, although still with important limitations.

EFE / OnCuba

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