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Tourists in vintage American convertibles in Havana. Photo: Desmond Boylan / AP.

New regulations for private sector: more no’s than yes’s

A few days before the year of hibernation of self-employment in Cuba was up, the new regulatory framework finally saw the light. The very name with which this reorganization was baptized, “improvement process,” gave the idea that, when that day … Continued

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The salt of justice

One can live being sick, but one cannot live without justice, my dad, who loved to exaggerate so that the importance of the law could be better noticed, used to say. He repeated to me many times that the only … Continued

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Learning from tourism without having to go to China

It is true that there is a great deal to learn about the economy, not just from China but also from Vietnam and other many countries, including some from our region. But it is also true that we still have … Continued

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Mountaineering and exports

High risk sports (mountaineering, scuba diving, parachuting, all of them) require very clear, easy to understand rules that transmit simple signs and shape the individual and collective behavior of those who strive in those practices; rules that will allow for … Continued

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Billboard: Awesome is the word

This week starts in Varadero with Jazz and Son, an event directed by Issac Delgado to promote the best of the Latin music. It will take place in Josone Park from next Thursday 12th to 15th. Five concerts every night, … Continued

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David Soul y Pedro Pino con el Chrysler New Yorker de Hemingway, en diciembre de 2012;. Foto: Christopher P. Baker.

(Not) A Moveable Feast

Ernest Hemingway was a hazard on Cuba’s roads. “It was noon and I was cold sober,” he once wrote to his editor, Maxwell Perkins, admitting: “Fourth bad smash in a year.” No wonder, with all that alcohol swilling around in … Continued

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Asamblea Nacional del Poder Popular. Foto: Juvenal Balán.

Cuban parliament to meet on July 18

The Cuban National Assembly of People’s Power convened its first regular period of sessions of the year for July 18 to 21, when it will review the Draft of the reform of the Constitution and it is also expected to … Continued

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Foto: Jorge Luis Borges.

Brief Tour of Havana

In Havana solutions have been sought so that the oldest things continue functioning. From beautiful patrimonial constructions to cars from the 1950s imported from the United States. It is, as many opine: a city that has stopped in time and, … Continued

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Billboard: Lights, Gibara, Action!

The Gibara International Film Festival is almost here. One week to enjoy cinema and more in the western Cuba. In the White Village you’ll fell like home, and there will be a lot to do. Recommendation is don’t miss it … Continued

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Photo: Azutecnia.

Azutecnia: Innovations in Cuban Sugar Agribusiness

The AZT-6000 machine, designed and built in Cuba and currently being used in the preparation of the country’s sugarcane fields, guarantees a fast sowing, with greater efficiency and less use of human resources. This sugarcane sowing machine is the crown … Continued

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