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Photo by Claudio Pelaez Sordo

Five million cell phone lines in Cuba

The Cuban ETECSA telecommunications company reported that there are five million active cell phone lines on the island, a figure that confirms “the growing evolution of mobile telephony” in the country, where a decade ago it was forbidden for Cubans … Continued

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Mike Pompeo, CIA director and nominated to be the next secretary of state. Photo: Jacquelyn Martin / AP / Archive.

Pompeo promises “diplomatic team” in Cuba

  Mike Pompeo, CIA director and nominated to be the next secretary of state, affirmed this Thursday that he will work to “build a diplomatic team” in Cuba that can respond to U.S. interests. Speaking of his position about the … Continued

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At the center, José Miguel Battle, The Corporation’s Mafioso boss, surrounded by police officers during his arrest in Miami. Photo: Taken from

The Corporation, a Cuban-American dollar and bloody story

Benicio del Toro and Leonardo DiCaprio will participate in a film about a Cuban-American mafioso capo. Del Toro, as protagonist; DiCaprio as coproducer. But there’s a twisted and at the same time seducing story behind the cinematographic novelty that has … Continued

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Billboard: Dance in the streets

The 23rd International Dance Festival in Urban Spaces Old Havana: City in Movement just started in the capital historical center. The date will take place until Sunday for you to dance everywhere. We invite you to join this movement, go … Continued

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Marina, one of the company’s ships, in the port of Havana. Photo: Alain L. Gutiérrez

Havana, Norwegian cruise ships’ favorite destination

  In 2017, the Norwegian Cruise Line Holding (NCLH) ships transported almost 2.5 million travelers and docked at half a thousand ports across the planet. But among all the destinations visited by the U.S. company’s three brands, one of them … Continued

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Celebrating in Havana the fifth anniversary of the Women´s International Cigar Club. Photo: Otmaro Rodríguez.

Club for women cigar smokers

For two decades Sarah Saunders has maintained a special link with Cuba, based on her taste for one of the island’s iconic products: cigars. In 2012 this British chef founded the Women’s International Cigar Club (WiCC) to give a different … Continued

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Drawings: Edel Rodríguez. Composition: OnCuba.

Cuban Edel Rodríguez’ Trump

  “When I think of Donald Trump, a flame, an orange circle, with a hole in the center…as if it were a mouth, immediately comes to my mind. Some images are very powerful,” said the Cuban designer Edel Rodríguez. Edel … Continued

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Billboard: Meet dance!

There will be multiple spaces for Dance these days. First, a new Acosta Danza season with three world premieres in the Great Theater of Havana; also, plenty of movement around Old Havana streets because of the Dance in Urban Landscapes … Continued

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Cuban President Raúl Castro speaking with his first vice president, Miguel Díaz-Canel, during a session of the National Assembly in Havana in December 2017. Photo: Irene Pérez / Cubadebate via AP.

United States, absent from the changing Cuba

Less than a month is left for Cuba to have a new president. In terms of international policy, the entire world has been sensitive to this moment of change and has procured to accompany the process. This is not the … Continued

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Photo by Alex Heny

Seven deadly prejudices against the private sector in Cuba

The discussion most difficult to win is not the one in which one of the interlocutors has a colossal intelligence or speaks louder than the other. It is the one in which prejudices replace strong elements and reasoning. If arguing … Continued

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