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Billboard: Meet dance!

There will be multiple spaces for Dance these days. First, a new Acosta Danza season with three world premieres in the Great Theater of Havana; also, plenty of movement around Old Havana streets because of the Dance in Urban Landscapes … Continued

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Cuban President Raúl Castro speaking with his first vice president, Miguel Díaz-Canel, during a session of the National Assembly in Havana in December 2017. Photo: Irene Pérez / Cubadebate via AP.

United States, absent from the changing Cuba

Less than a month is left for Cuba to have a new president. In terms of international policy, the entire world has been sensitive to this moment of change and has procured to accompany the process. This is not the … Continued

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Photo by Alex Heny

Seven deadly prejudices against the private sector in Cuba

The discussion most difficult to win is not the one in which one of the interlocutors has a colossal intelligence or speaks louder than the other. It is the one in which prejudices replace strong elements and reasoning. If arguing … Continued

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Billboard: Feel the beat

This week starts off with the heartbeat of the young audiovisual, to gauge it. The 17th ICAIC Young Film Festival is about to start with a diverse and attractive program. Films, lectures, debates, exhibitions and pitching are what the Festival … Continued

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The film’s story is centered on José Miguel Battle (Havana, 1929-South Carolina, 2007), known as “The Godfather” or “Sir Corporation.”

The Cuban-American mafia in Hollywood

U.S. films’ fascination with Cuba and Cuban things is almost as old as cinema itself. First the island was a landscape, an open lens to shoot diverse scenarios of the Spanish-American War. Then it was epiphany, music, tourism and romance, … Continued

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Photo by Alex Heny

And the small and medium enterprise?

When at the start of the process of transformation of the Cuban economy President Raúl Castro presented the need to have a more rational state apparatus he mentioned that some 500,000 workers would have to be taken out of their … Continued

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Enma González, this Cuban American who has emerged as one of the natural leaders of the youth movement that is struggling for the control of weapons.

With a flag that looks proudly upon her

The March for Our Lives has just ended in Washington DC. It was not the only one in the entire Union. Perhaps this is the end of a before and the start of an afterwards. Few times in history, perhaps … Continued

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View of the crosswalk being built and which collapsed over a Miami highway. Photo: Pedro Portal / Miami Herald via AP.

Collapsed bridge: seconds between life and death

  They had just had lunch and were on their way to a travel agency to pick up their tickets for their annual trip to Cuba. Osvaldo González and Alberto Arias, friends and partners, on Thursday last week ended up … Continued

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Photo by Hiroshi Ishiguro Laboratories

The man and his robot clone

Hiroshi Ishiguro is in Cuba but almost no one knows it. A journalist from the Cuban television news system published on his Facebook profile that the Japanese engineer would be in the José Antonio Echeverría Higher Polytechnic last Monday giving … Continued

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Billboard: Music heals!

The first beats of the Havana World Music Fest (HWM) already sounded. In its 5th edition it has the best program and the most sophisticated production since its foundation, in 2014. It’s expected an attendance of 15 thousand people, which … Continued

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