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Billboard: Summer in Acosta style

Enjoy the summer with dance! It doesn’t really matter if it is you dancing or another because the best thing about dance is just to have a good time. So if you agree with us and you like contemporary dance … Continued

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Photo: Claudio Pelaez Sordo.

ETECSA starts pilot test for internet on cell phones

This Tuesday morning, users from different Cuban cities started reporting availability of internet on their cell phones. Diverse unofficial sources reported that ETECSA had started a pilot test of the Mobile Internet service. It will be free of charge for … Continued

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Billboard: Retazos on stage

Dance-Theater Retazos company is on premier this weekend, and not one but two! The first one by the company director Isabel Bustos, and the second one by her son Miguel Azcue, director of the Swedish dance company Memory Wax. So … Continued

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Francis del Río. Foto: David Garten.

Rhythm Under the Skin

Photographer David Garten entered Cuban music together with Irakere. The first thing Garten heard in the late 1970s, when he was studying at New York University, was the mythical jazz band, and Cuban music became one of his passions. He … Continued

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Photo: Courtesy of Bar Pazillo.

A Different PaZillo

The hamburger and tapas bar, PaZillo, is the only private site in vogue in Havana where you can enjoy a varied live music program. Around these days, when it is celebrating its first anniversary, it already classifies as a space … Continued

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Carlos Lazo and his son, who joined him on his most recent trip to Havana with his north-american students. Photo: Otmaro Rodríguez.

Teacher Lazo

Carlos Lazo, a Cuban teacher from Seattle, has gone viral in some social media after having published a video in which he sings with his young U.S. students the song “Cuba Isla Bella,” by the Cuban hip hop trio Orishas. … Continued

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Leonardo Padura. Photo: Otmaro Rodríguez.

In the Mix: Mantilla, Leonardo Padura’s Circle and Cycle

Leonardo Padura Fuentes, probably the contemporary Cuban novelist most read outside Cuba, 2012 National Prize for Literature and Princess of Asturias Letters Award in 2015, recommends those places where not only has he lived his life, but also from where … Continued

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Photo: Otmaro Rodríguez.

Trump Measures Have Affected the Very Cubans He Meant to Benefit

The 56.6% drop in arrivals of U.S. visitors since the restrictions imposed by the Donald Trump administration in June 2017 boosted a 7% contraction in the total of foreign visitors in the first three months of 2018, according to official … Continued

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Photo: Spencer Imbrock.

Cuban Music Obsession or Cuba Is Its Music

A universal language with too much unexplored wealth, music plays a singular role in the composition, coordination and sustainability of identifying networks. Regarding its importance in the historic-cultural evolution of the Cuban nation, personalities have expressed themselves, like Fernando Ortiz, … Continued

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North-american students in Havana. Photo: Courtesy of students and teachers

Beyond borders. Welcome to an unexpected Exchange: U.S students in Cuba

In 1999, another Cuban colleague and I were talking with a U.S. professor in Amherst, Massachusetts. I had been invited to Johns Hopkins University; my colleague was a poet and literary critic who at that time was enjoying a research … Continued

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